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Woman Gets a Job as a Maid in Rich Old Lady’s House and Sees Her Baby Photo There — a Short Story

Call it luck or chance, or just being in the right place at the right time, we can’t deny how sometimes, things seem to just fall into perfect place. All you need is to be in the right place at the right time. Perhaps it is fate that leads us to the place we are supposed to be. This story, is one such tale of destiny and fate.

A horrible event

Trish was 18 years old at the time when she found her mother on the floor, unconscious. She’d just returned home from school and put her bag on the kitchen counter. She called for her mother but there was no response. And, that is when she found her. Trish immediately called 911 to get help. Her mom was still breathing at least. Trish had no idea at that moment, however, that her life was about to change for the worst.

Trish’s mom had had a stroke which also left her impaired. She could no longer work, and her savings went to the medical bills. Trish knew that her dream of being able to study was never going to happen. She managed to finish school and then had to take on the responsibility of finding a job. Her mother’s savings were done. Their lives depended on Trish.

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Finding a job

Unfortunately, Trish and her mom lived in a small town, and work was not easy to come by. So, that meant that Trish had to take any job she could find. She saw an ad in the local paper for a maid’s position. She decided to apply. The last thing she wanted to do was clean, but what choice did she really have?

So, she called the number on the advert and it happened to be a position at a popular, wealthy older ladies’ home. Her name was Mrs. Johnson, and she was probably one of the most well-known people in their small town. But, the one thing about Mrs. Johnson was that she was blind. She had completely lost her eyesight after hot oil had splattered into them. She was also known for being quite a mean old lady.

Mrs. Johnson’s housekeeper, Sally, arranged for Trish to come in for an interview that same afternoon. Trish sighed, at least it was a job. She hoped that Mrs. Johnson would not be too awful to her.

The meeting

Trish drove her mom’s old car up to where Mrs. Johnson lived. It was the richest part of town at the top of the hill. She wished that she could live there. How nice it was. She reached her destination and knocked on the door. Sally opened the door and let her in. She pointed Trish towards a sitting room, where Mrs. Johnson was having a cup of tea. Of course, Trish knew that she had to make this first impression a good one, or she might lose out on the job.

Trish greeted the old lady, who replied asking who she was. She told Trish that she liked her voice, which was a good thing. Mrs. Johnson did not seem at all to be horrible or grouchy like everyone claimed. She asked Trish for her age and she told her that she would soon be 19, Mrs. Johnson told her that her granddaughter would have been the exact same age.

Trish asked Mrs. Johnson what happened to her granddaughter, but the old lady started to shake and get rather upset. She told Trish that she was not to worry about her private life, but also that she would give her a trial week at the house. Trish was thrilled! She was to start the next day.

The trial week

That week, Trish worked hard. And, therefore it seemed that Mrs. Johnson was pleased. It was her fourth day at the house and Trish noticed that Mrs. Johnson was nowhere to be found. Finally, she decided to ask Sally where she was.

Well,” Sally replied, “Today is the day her daughter died. Every year she locks herself away on this day so you won’t see her around until tomorrow.”

Of course, Trish was surprised, she thought it was the old woman’s granddaughter who had passed away. Trish gave her a brief history, explaining that her daughter had gotten mixed up with a bad crowd and therefore fell pregnant at 15. She gave the baby up for adoption when she was two years old and not long after, died in a car accident. Trish was shocked, she too, had been adopted. Finally, she thought about how lucky she was to have her mom.

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The realization

The next day, Trish returned to work as usual. She started upstairs that morning with some dusting. But suddenly, Trish heard a crash coming from Mrs. Johnson’s room. She rushed inside to see what had happened. She saw the old lady tut-tutting and kneeling on the ground. A picture frame had fallen down.

“Let me help you!” Trish called as she rushed to the woman’s aid. “Which picture is it?” She asked Trish.

Trish turned the frame around and gasped. Surprisingly, the person in the picture frame was her as a child! Of course, she was shocked and confused and asked the old woman why she had a photo of her as a toddler. Mrs. Johnson was even more confused. Trish explained that the little girl in the photo was her.

Mrs. Johnson started crying. “If this is true, that means you are my granddaughter!” Trish gasped, she told Mrs. Johnson that she was adopted. She agreed to do a DNA test the next morning.

A beautiful new life

Of course, the DNA results showed that Trish was the granddaughter of Mrs. Johnson. The old woman told Trish that she and her mother were to move in right away, they would want for nothing ever again. She was so happy to have a family again. Of course, Trish believed it was fate that brought her to that house. And, finally, her mother moved in and received the best care money could buy. The best part was that now Trish was able to study, her dream she thought she had lost. And of course, Mrs. Johnson was finally no longer lonely.

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This story was inspired by an original piece of fiction. Any similarities between this story and actual people is purely coincidental

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