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How Many Eggs Are Left? People Are Left Confused By This Tricky Puzzle About Eggs

Feel like you need an escape? Is your job getting you down? Are you bored out of your mind looking for something to do, aside from mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds? Well, we may just have the solution right here! And, all you have to do, is figure out how many eggs are left over, in this tricky mind game!

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Alexander Dolnikov:

Also, did you know, according to Irish Times, puzzles, brainteasers, and the likes are really good for your brain? So, every time you finish a puzzle, your brain is rewarded with a little bit of dopamine. This is the chemical that makes you feel good and feel satisfied. Why is this good for your brain? Turns out, it is because it is teaching it that doing puzzles will result in dopamine! So, whether you enjoy a challenging sudoku puzzle or a simple word search, this fun brain teaser will have your mind working the right way!


How many eggs are left over?

Okay, first of all, try your best not to peek at the answer! Do your best to figure it out. The answer is probably not as simple as it sounds! Check out the image below and see how you do. So, how many eggs do you think you would have left if:

How many eggs are left riddle

The riddle

As can be seen, you need to figure out how many eggs are left. Yes, it sounds basic and simple and you might be tempted to pull out your calculator. But there is more behind this riddle than what meets the eye! So, let us read it one last time, slowly;


I have six eggs and I broke two, I cooked two eggs and I ate two. How many eggs are left?


We hope you did not peek at the answer! So, if you did not cheat, scroll down for what should have been kinda obvious right from the start!

Cooking Eggs GIF

Ready for the answer? How many eggs are left?

Obviously, this riddle is designed specifically to confuse you and trick you! But, If you saw beyond the veil, you would have noticed right away that the two eggs that were eaten, were likely the same two eggs that were broken. So then, this would make them the same two eggs that were broken and eaten, were likely the eggs that were eaten! Unless eating raw eggs takes your fancy, that is!


So, how did you do? Let us know in the comments. But, before you love and leave us, give some of our other puzzles a go!

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