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Jade Small
Jade Small
February 11, 2024 ·  3 min read

‘Gooch Grease’ is a problem– and according to some men, maxi pads are the answer

New trends frequently emerge, captivating the attention of people worldwide. Not to mention horrifying those who have not been overly enthusiastic. One particular trend has been making its way around the screens of our social media platforms. The trend is known as “Gooch Grease.” Yes, it promises to gross you out just as much as the name suggests. Let’s jump right into this trending hygiene topic that so many men have been adopting into their daily routines.

What is a Gooch?

Many people may not even have heard about gooches before. So, what are they? And where are they found on the human body? As many know, the word gooch refers to a small piece of skin found in the male genitalia. It is located between a man’s anus and testicles. Technically known as the perineum, it is colloquially known as a ‘taint’ or ‘grundle.’ The gooch is widely accepted as the most “neglected” part of the male body. According to Dude Wipes, “This patch of skin is arguably the smelliest, filthiest, and misunderstood crevices in all of human anatomy.”

The word “gooch” is likely a play on words or a variation from the nickname of a vagina, “cooch.” Although a cooch is a woman’s entire crotch area, the gooch is only a small section of a man’s nether region. They range in size, but they’re generally around two inches long.

What Is Gooch Grease

Fox News is seemingly the trigger for the viral sensation, although it was making waves long before it was on live television. The phenomenon known as “gooch grease” is just as weird as it sounds, with many people claiming it just grosses them out. What exactly is it? Well, seeing as it is mentioned above that this particular area is often left unattended, it is not difficult to imagine the amount of sweat and bacteria that builds up in the gooch. So, there are many men in the US that have resorted to extreme measures to protect their underwear from absorbing all the filth that gathers.

Some men are now using sanitary pads to absorb the sweat or other things you might find gathering in their gooch. This might be particularly in the areas of the States that tend to have hotter and more humid weather. The presenter on Fox26 said, “The problem is so bad for some men, according to some reports, they now have to use women’s maxi-pads to stop the mixture from messing up their underwear.”

One Twitter user wrote: While another sees the year 2023 condemned. They tweeted, “Gooch grease… this year is going straight to hell.”

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TikTok | @crybaby_cat

Gooch Grease on TikTok

@crybabytheclown saw this on Facebook y’all should see it too lmfao #greenscreen #voiceeffects #fyp #goochgrease #lmfao #wtf #byetiktok #viral ♬ original sound – Wouldn’t you like to know

One TikTok user made a post about the gooch grease trend. Her video has gained high popularity and equal amounts of disgust from the women’s community. With nearly 250,000 likes and over 2000 comments, there clearly is a lot of interest in this topic. One person commented on her post saying: “Women are in a constant state of leaking either blood or discharge but men still find a way to be grosser.”

Another person wrote: “I could’ve gone the rest of my life never knowing what “gooch grease” is and been perfectly happy but now.” Then, another woman jokingly said, “Well maybe if men started using [pads] they’ll become free. Bc we all know a man’s needs are always a concern of our government.

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