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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 18, 2024 ·  2 min read

Why You Should Put a Shoe in Your Hotel Safe, According to a Flight Attendant

TikTok has actually given quite a few flight attendants a voice which they are now using to give fliers some travel tips and hacks to make the journey pleasant and comfortable. In a recent 47-second clip that was shared on the social media platform, a KLM crew member called Esther went on to share “6 Hotel Hacks from a Flight Attendant”- which had quite a unique suggestion that might seem a tad bit random- putting one’s shows in the safe of one’s hotel room. The caption of the video reads, “Worried about forgetting something from your locker? Put your heel/shoe in it so you won’t forget it!” The writing was accompanied by a video of Esther putting a heel in her own hotel room safe. This should ideally work- for it will help us remember where we kept our valuables and will not be misplacing them. 

Image Credit: @esthersturrus | TikTok

Flight Attendant Shares Travel Tips Which Are Quite Useful

The flight attendant also shared a few other travel tips- with her favorite- utilizing a hanger to clip the curtains close to create complete darkness. But remember, this will only work with those hangers that actually have clips attached to them.

Esther also mentioned that if one didn’t have an international charger, or if it wasn’t working, they could always take the USB plug of the phone and charge it through the hotel’s TV. She continued, “What else is a shower cap useful for? Use it as a cover over your shoes!” She then put the cap over her dirty pair of shoes and kept them in her luggage. 

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Esther uses a shower cap as a shoe cover. Image Credit: @esthersturrus | TikTok

The flight attendant also put up another use of a shower cap, where she said that one could use it to create a protective barrier over the remote- which is usually a germy place in most hotel rooms that never get cleaned. The best travel tip that she shared was that most of us would not have to use a hotel room key in order to turn on the electricity. In fact, any other card like a credit card would do the trick. 

Needless to say, the travel tips of this flight attendant did resonate with the public, as it gained over 48,000 likes within a few days.

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