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Help The Lady Find Her Missing Key! (Only 10% Of People Can Spot It)

If you’ve ever lost your house key when you were in a rush to open your door, you know how frustrating it can be. One minute you are sure you have it, and the next, you are convinced thieving elves exist and have surely stolen your key. What’s even more frustrating is suddenly noticing how very tiny the key actually is. As a result, it can get lost anywhere!

In today’s challenge, you will have to help a woman find her missing key. Think you can do it? Most people who attempt this puzzle end up failing. From our experience, only 10% have solved it correctly in under a minute!

Black Handled Key on Key Hole
PhotoMIX Company – Pexels

Good luck, and remember, you only have one minute to solve this visual puzzle! Find the missing key in the image below, and you can consider yourself a genius!


Find the Missing Key

Solving puzzles like the one below can benefit your brain in numerous ways. Did you know that attempting brainteasers and puzzles can stimulate several parts of your brain? It’s true! Notably, solving visual puzzles like this can even prevent Alzheimer’s and improve memory retention.


Did you know that doing doing brain teasers and logic problems can improve short-term memory loss? Challenging your mind with math brain teasers and other types of puzzles keeps the connections between your brain cells sharp. Plus, learning how to solve brain teasers improves your ability to concentrate and focus, too!


Okay, let’s get to the puzzle and give your brain the boost it needs! Ready? You have one minute to observe the image and find the missing key.

woman missing key
Credit- Brightside

It’s a beautiful day outside, and she is just getting home for her lunch break. Oh no! She is in a desperate hurry to get inside and water her plants, but her key is missing! It was in her purse, but it was nowhere to be found! Can you help her find it before her lunch break is over? You only have one minute, good luck!


How are you doing? If you need a hint, we can only give you one. Make sure to pay attention to all the features of this image. Regardless of how small the detail might be, look at it from another angle. Is anything out of place? You don’t have much time left, so use all of your logic skills and observational awareness to figure this out!



Well, time is up! The minute has passed, and hopefully, you could help the woman find her key before her break was finished. If you were one of the few people who managed to solve this puzzle, pat yourself on the back! Most people who tried to solve this were unable to do so in the allotted time given.


Here is where the sneaky key was hiding the whole time!

solution woman key lantern
Credit – Brightside

It was hiding in the lantern! Did you find it? If not, it’s okay! We have some more brainteasers for you to try out below. Make sure to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to solving puzzles like these to get the most benefit out of them. Remember, your brain needs to exercise just like the rest of your body!

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