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Dream Job? Candy Company is Hiring a ‘Chief Candy Officer’ to Taste Test Product, and it Pays $78k

How would you like to get paid for eating candy every day? If this is your dream job, apply to Candy Funhouse, Canada’s Largest Online Candy Store. Presently, they are looking for a Chief Candy Officer (yes, you read that right) to taste all of the sweets in their inventory and award their favorites with the official “Chief Candy Officer Stamp of Approval.” This position includes being the head taste tester, deciding which new products will join the company’s virtual shelves, running candy board meetings, and “taking charge of all things fun!


Apply for the Dream Job of Eating Candy Everyday

Candy Funhouse boasts having every kind of candy imaginable, from new creations to childhood favorites to old vintage confections. But now they’re searching for the world’s first and only Chief Candy Officer, a job straight out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Additionally, this dream job pays $100,000 CAD or about $78,000 USD. [1]


Above all, the official requirements of the Chief Candy Officer position, according to the company’s LinkedIn include: An eagerness to try confectionary products, a creative mind, and being a natural-born leader with golden taste buds. Additionally, they need to be a resident of North America and be fluent in English with good communication skills. They’ll need a sweet tooth, obviously, with no food allergies. [2] The job posting emphasizes that the applicant needs to have a strong sense of fun. Moreover, there’s no previous experience necessary, and the position to open to anyone above the age of five. In other words, the candy company is truly taking a page out of Willy Wonka’s book by opening the role to a child candy enthusiast like the titular Charlie.

However, the job is not a leisurely walk through Wonka’s Chocolate Room. The candidate will need to go through extensive palate training and learn other required skills. In addition, they need to taste-test over 3500 items every month. This can be done remotely or at the company’s offices in Toronto or Newark, New Jersey, depending on where the employee lives. [3]

If you’re interested in this dream job, don’t delay. The deadline for applying is August 31, 2022. And don’t worry, the chief candy officer gets an excellent dental plan too. 

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The Simpsons Series Analyst

In October 2021, PlatinCasino, a British gambling website, posted a job listing that went viral. It was a temporary position where the employee is required to watch all 33 seasons of the Simpsons, plus the 2007 movie. In exchange, they’ll be paid £5,000, which is about $6,830 USD. The company explained the position is for the purpose of making wagers. The Simpsons had become a meme for predicting future events, like Donald Trumps’ presidency and the coronavirus pandemic. However, while this meme is often inaccurate (since the show didn’t actually predict Trump’s run or COVID-19) PlatinCasino is willing to bet on it — literally. The applicant is required to make notes of standout events throughout the show to determine if any of them are likely to come true. [4]


Professional Bridesmaid

Bridesmaid for Hire is a company that offers the bridal party a stand-in bridesmaid slash personal assistant. “Essentially I’m there as the bride’s personal assistant and on-call therapist,” Bridesmaid for Hire co-founder Jen Glantz. “I help her manage and execute her personal to-do list of tasks, which can often be over 100 tasks long.” She also fills in as an “undercover bridesmaid” if another bridesmaid bails last-minute.


Water Slide Tester

Like the Chief Candy Officer, this is a dream job for many. And in April 2013, Seb Smith won this exciting role over 2,000 other applicants. Water slide manufacturer First Choice hires Smith to travel to various water parks and resorts to test new water slides for safety and fun before they open to the public. This position is only contracted for six months a year but it pays $34,000 annually. “I’m absolutely over the moon to be chosen as the new slide tester — and can’t wait to get started in my new job,” Smith had said. “I can’t believe I’ll be traveling the world judging slides based on the biggest splash and adrenaline factor.” [5]

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