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Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
November 5, 2023 ·  3 min read

Dog Refuses To Leave Grave – Then A Woman Sneaks Closer To Find The Truth

There is no denying that dogs are truly marvelous animals. They are loyal, brave, loving, and quite smart. But can we also make a statement that since humans have a penchant for exaggeration, maybe some of the claims regarding dogs might not be true? Surely, there must be a few stories floating around that aren’t true. Recently, one such story came to light.

If you jog your memory back just a few years to 2019, you would recall the story of the dog that had apparently dug a little hole in her master’s grave and refused to leave. The story made the rounds of social media, with outpourings of sympathy, only to be proven false. While we can believe that some dogs are so attached to their masters that they would go the extra mile for them, this wasn’t one such case. 

Image Credit: Viral Stories | Youtube

A quick fact check would reveal that the dog had no relation to the person who had passed away. Rather, the dog had settled herself in that hole so that she could find a place warm enough to give birth in the cold weather of Serbia. The photo, posted on January 10th, 2015, was shared nearly 21,000 times. The original caption for the photo read, “A dog dug a hole in the tomb of his owner who has just died so that he could be close to the one he loves most. Nothing in the world can compare with the love and loyalty of a dog for its owner.” You can see it below.

Post Claiming Dog Had Slept On Her Master’s Grave Proven False

But then, this picture was posted again by a German Facebook group. The description for the album read, “Sometimes you just want to cry and pull the blanket over your head. These pictures have so much symbolic character and stand for the suffering and misery of the street animals in Serbia. Abandoned, exposed, hungry and pregnant, this bitch was left with only this path to take: to dig a hole under a gravestone and give birth to her babies there.

Image Credit: Viral Stories | Youtube

The only protection they have against the cold at night and the very warm sun during the day. Rain fills the hole and there is nothing to eat for the mummy. When she is discovered, it will be all over for her children. Please help the mother with her children so that they can be sheltered, vaccinated, neutering at a later date for the mum and fed regularly and given a little care. She doesn’t expect anything, but you can give her a little security.

A Job Well Done By The Rescuer

The woman who found the dogs, Vesna Mihajloski, put up a post on Facebook where she wrote, “All photos so far from our little family of the cemetery! Little Boomer has had the hardest hit by an unknown virus. He has fought for his life and won! This is why we are incredibly proud of him! He is now almost back to the old, there are still some physical problems such as walking but if we look back and think we should send him back to sleep.

The animal rescuer had come to the mother dog’s aid. She had managed to rescue the puppies from the horrifying living conditions and had brought them to the shelter. Needless to say, the mother dog was quite appreciative of the new shelter, and the warm bed that was provided for her precious puppies. While the original post differed from the real story, we can’t deny that both of these stories are tearjerkers. At the end of the day, we all love dogs anyway, right?

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