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‘Disturbing’ clip of Justin Bieber being ‘violated’ aged 18 sparks debate about how he was treated as child star

One of the world’s most recognizable names is Justin Bieber. People from all over swarm to his shows and flock around him in public. A fan made a compilation video of the star showing videos where he was treated in disturbing and hair-raising ways. As a child star, people are now questioning how the media and other celebrities have handled him.

I feel Violated Right Now,” says Justin Bieber

A disturbing compilation of clips has been circling through TikTok. It shows a series of incidents where media presenters and other celebrities treated the younger Justin Bieber in ways that could only be described as inappropriate toward a minor. Jenny McCarthy kickstarted the compilation with a clip showing her and Justin on stage. She wraps her arm tightly around him, but he is trying to worm his way out of her grip. He manages to get away, but not before she groped his butt and planted a fat smooch on his neck. As he walks away, he tells the audience: “Wow! I feel violated right now.”

Image credit: TikTok
Image credit: TikTok

Jenny admitted to groping Justin Bieber’s butt and kissing him. She joked about it being “cougar rape” and that she “couldn’t help it, he was just so delicious.” Later on, she said she would never do it again in an interview with Entertainment Tonight: “I just got to neck Justin Bieber and grab his butt. It was a little cougar scary, but I took the opportunity and the window, considering I’ll never get to do it again, and kind of molested him.

Jenny McCarthy was not the only butt-groper. The next clip shows Katy Perry following suit, with an excited expression on her face as she gets a good feel. She “apparently wanted to know what a Bieber butt felt like.”

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You Smell Amazing

The next clip switches to an awards show. James Corden compliments Justin Bieber’s scent by saying, “you smell amazing. How old are you?” At the time, Justin was only sixteen years old, even though he stipulated he would be seventeen soon. The clip showed Justin looking uncomfortable at the compliment while James Corden continued. “I don’t ever remember smelling that good at 16,” said James. “Wow, look at your eyes!”

Image credit: TikTok

The Sex Talk” from 15-year-old Justin Bieber

After the clip showed a scene where Ellen Degeneres displayed a photo of Justin Bieber in the nude, the video took an even more disturbing turn. The then 15-year-old singer was being interviewed on radio. The presenter said: “My parents never gave me the sex talk, so why don’t you give me the sex talk?” To this, Bieber replied: “I feel uncomfortable right now. Why do you want to know the sex talk from a 15-year-old boy? That’s pretty weird.”

Image credit: TikTok

Another interview that sparked some uneasy feelings was when a French journalist asked him if he “liked French girls because they have big boobs.” Then, the journalist wanted to know if Justin knew how to French kiss. No one seemed to mind that Justin seemed to feel uncomfortable or that his mother was in the room.

The last clip in the TikTok compilation showed Justin Bieber speaking about Billie Eilish. He wishes to protect her from the wrong type of attention. The kind that he struggled with for years during his rise to fame.

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Justin Bieber Wishes to Protect Billies Eilish

Last year June, Billie Eilish became Glastonbury’s youngest headliner in the history of their festivals. She first met Justin Bieber in 2019 at Coachella, where they shared an embrace. Resulting in a wave of excitement from both of their fans. Since then, Billie has been open about how she used to have a crush on Justin, calling herself a true “believer.”

Justin and Billie hit it off from their first meeting, and they formed a lasting friendship. As a result, Justin wishes to protect his young and talented friend from sharing the same experience he had with the media. In a discussion about his journey to fame with DJ Zane Lowe, Justin spoke about Billie. “Let her do her thing. If she ever needs me I’m going to be here for her,” he said while wiping tears from his face. “Just protecting those moments because people take for granted encounters and… [he trailed off].”

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