roll of toilet paper on branch in forested area

You Can Get A “Crap Strap” To Help You Go To The Bathroom In The Woods Hands Free.

Taking a walk in nature can be one of the most beautiful moments in life. The serenity, the ethereal state of the wilderness can provide a semblance of peace that nothing else can replicate. But, it is also quite possible that while you are watching the birds and the trees, you might feel the need to take a dump. Now- it is imperative that we have a solution on our hands, that will not be too difficult or expensive.

As it stands, anyone that has ever taken a dump in a forest would attest to the fears of insects, worms, or any other creepy crawlies that haunt the vicinity. There are also dry leaves, barks, and splinters that can cause skin damage. This is where we need the Crap Strap- or the Krapp Strapp!

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The crap strap in action.
Image Credits: Air Boss Motion Decoys

Buy The Crap Strap- The Perfect Device For A Perfect Doody

So- what is this Crap Strap? Putting it simply, it is a large fanny pack that comes with a backrest. The strap is around 10 times longer than your average fanny pack. It is made with a carabiner so one would be able to attach the strap to a tree. This would ensure your continued support while you go about your business.

One can truly understand how effective this device would be to prevent one’s shoes or clothes from being hit by an errant piece of human waste. The fanny pack also comes with a multitude of pockets. You can use them to store things like toilet paper, wipes, hand sanitizer, and other personal items necessary for any bathroom breaks. The strap can support up to a weight of 400 pounds. So, rest assured, you will probably not fall on your own dump. 

The Crap Strap can be attached to any tree that you see before yourself. It is perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, or even fishing trips. To put it straight, this would be a perfect device for any stationary object that is more than secure enough to strap one up. For instance, if you see a truck hitch or even a pole in your journey, you will be able to attach the strap and do your doody. 

The Crap Strap comes in at a price of $40, but can you truly put a price on something that is so necessary? Can one put a price on art? For this is art- for your squat! Check out the seller’s website if it tickles your fancy.

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