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“I Can’t Get Over How Beautiful She Is,” Says a Man Engaged to a Woman 47 Years Older Than Him

Kathi Jenkins, a 74-year-old great-great-grandmother, and Devaughn Aubrey, a 27-year-old Walmart stocker and condo porter, are determined to prove that love knows no bounds despite their 47-year age gap. They are planning to get married next year, which will be Jenkins’ first marriage.

Jenkins, who is retired now, worked as a waitress and in fast food to support her children. She has had several long-term relationships that resulted in 4 children, 13 grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren, and one great-great-grandson.

Aubrey, on the other hand, was previously married at age 24 to a woman he knew from school, but they separated in 2021, shortly before he met Jenkins online. Aubrey messaged Jenkins after reading her profile, and they started talking for four months before finally meeting in person since they lived two hours apart.

How the couple with the incredible age gap met

After requesting the woman’s number, the couple conversed online for four months as they lived two hours apart. When they eventually met in person, the 27-year-old man found himself instantly drawn to the 74-year-old woman. He found her more attractive than her photos suggested. He was anxious that she might not accept him due to his height, but despite her surprise, the attraction was mutual.

Despite the significant age gap, the couple appears to be a perfect match. The man noted that his partner’s life experience has taught him a lot. They have a harmonious relationship, never argue, communicate well, and have complete trust in each other. The man was initially drawn to the woman’s humor and physical appearance, including her singing voice and musical choices.

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In love, regardless of what others think

The couple acknowledges that their unconventional relationship can attract criticism from society. However, they remain determined to show that love has no boundaries. They plan to marry next year, which will be the woman’s first marriage, and continue to celebrate their passion regardless of societal norms.

According to Aubrey, there are people who assume that he’s only with Jenkins because she’s wealthy. But he strongly denies this. As for his mother, he told her about his relationship with Jenkins as soon as they started dating. He said that she initially thought he was joking about the age difference. All until they spent their birthdays together and showed her photos.

Disapproval from a daughter has nothing to do with their age gap

Although most of Jenkins’ children and grandchildren are supportive of their relationship, one of her daughters disapproves of Aubrey being vegan. Despite being an unconventional couple, Jenkins and Aubrey share a deep connection and are committed to building a future together. They have recently gotten engaged and plan to tie the knot next year.

Despite feeling nervous that Kathi Jenkins might not be interested in him due to her preference for taller men, Devaughn Aubrey was immediately attracted to her when they finally met in person after four months of online communication. Despite the 47-year age gap, the couple felt an instant connection and mutual attraction.

Aubrey describes Jenkins as perfect for him, explaining that she has a wealth of life experience and teaches him many things. He appreciates her sense of humor, looks, and singing voice. And notes that they have a strong, respectful, and conflict-free relationship. Although their relationship may be seen as unconventional, they remain committed to each other despite facing criticism from some.

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