various metallic bars piled on each other
Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
February 7, 2024 ·  2 min read

Counting The Bars In This Optical Illusion Will Drive You Crazy! How Many Bars Do You See?

A new optical illusion is in store for you today. This time around, we have a set of rectangular bars for you. The question is- how many do you see? We understand that this is the middle of the week, and you are under duress. But remember, solving puzzles can put a smile on one’s face. Rather than going on social media to waste away, why not put your thinking caps on? All you need is observational skills. And you are set for the day. 

How Many Rectangular Bars Do You Think There Are? Remember, It Might Not Be That Easy!

We will understand if you think that counting the rectangular bars is easy. After all, you would allude to the square sides that face you. But let us ask you this- have we ever provided easy puzzles to solve? No, you need to earn your bread. You need to prove that you are worthy of receiving the answer. So here is the picture:

Find the number of bars here.
Image Credits: Array via Daily Mail

All you need to do is count the total number of bars.

As it stands, it isn’t that easy to count out them. When you look to the bottom, you would find that things are an absolute mess. In fact, they don’t even form complete ones. 

Look at the picture carefully. When the squares face you, you will see eight bars. But when you check out the squares that don’t face you, there are only seven! We understand- the first five should be easy to count. But what happens after that? To put it simply- things get confusing. Should you take the one that faces you- or should you take the other one?

Anyway, we are done trying to confuse you with bars. The answer- apparently- is that there are six bars in total. First, you need to count the five complete bars that are visible to all. Next, you need to check out the only other bar that is complete. Remember, some of them are incomplete. They jumble up at the bottom, so you need one that would be complete both at the top and the bottom. And there is, according to experts, only one such bar. So- you have six bars in total!

We know- this was quite confusing. Puzzles one day, bars the next. But, would you really have fun if it were easy? So share it with your friends and family to let them in on the fun too.

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