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March 21, 2024 ·  4 min read

Conjoined twin explains how she met her boyfriend

Twins are rather miraculous when you think about it. They share a connection that only fellow twins understand. Then, there are conjoined twins, who are connected in more ways than one. Not only do they share that typical twin, almost psychic, connection. They also share a body. TikTok sensations, Carmen and Lupita, are twins who give another meaning to the phrase, joined at the hip. They have made a presence for themselves on social media, sharing insights into their daily lives as such phenomenons. This includes how they navigate through relationships even though neither are ever alone.

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Conjoined twins share their secrets

Carmen and Lupita have been an anomaly since their birth. Being conjoined twins, everyone will always be curious about how they navigate through the world. Now that they are 21 years old, the topic of love and relationships has been brought up by none other than the twins themselves. In a YouTube ask me anything, they answered questions from their followers and explained how the dynamics of dating work.

Of course, most people want to know how their body is connected, so the twins clarified that first. They were told at four years old that they could not be separated because their bodies are too intricately connected at the torso. As a result, they share a digestive tract, a reproductive system, and a pelvis. However, they each have their own stomach and they have two separate hearts.

Carmen also reminded everyone that they have their own head, so they do not share a brain. “We don’t share a brain obviously,” she said. This adds to the fact that they feel different things. In other words, if one sister bumps her elbow, the other won’t feel a thing. “Our own sides are our own sides,” said Lupita.

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Dynamics of love

When it comes to love and relationships, Lupita and Carmen are complete opposites. Lupita said that she is “asexual and romantic,” whereas Carmen admitted happily that she has a boyfriend. They have been dating for about one and a half years. Carmen explained that they met on ‘met off of Hinge’, a dating app where she found it “awkward” to communicate that she was a conjoined twin.

In the YouTube Ask Us Anything, Carmen spoke about how they had a discussion on what was acceptable or not. they set some boundaries which they have both agreed upon. “I was obviously going to be transparent about everything,” Carmen said. “It was a learning process for everybody. We obviously had to have a discussion on what boundaries are OK and what aren’t.”

Regardless of the topic of love and boundaries, Carmen has suggested they are not physically active. Although it seems that her boyfriend does not mind. “We’re not intimate in that way, and he’s OK with that,” she said. Meanwhile, Lupita puts all her effort into being a typical sister. According to Carmen, she cannot take a nice photo with her boyfriend without Lupita “ruining”. When asked what her thoughts on marriage were, Carmen said, “Whoever I’m currently dating, or in the future might be dating, I’d prefer to be life partners than actual marriage,” she said.

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Gotta keep going

The conjoined twins have been making waves on social media. They have a TikTok account with over 3 million followers. Their bio reads: “Not a Q&A account. google it Business email: [email protected].” The two enjoy spreading awareness about their conjoined twin lives, while making their followers laugh with their comedic personalities.

Many people would consider being conjoined twins to be a hindrance in life, and a lot of them would go so far as to consider it a disability. However, Carmen and Lupita are strong young women. They have decided to take their adversity, and make them their advantage. They said, “We’ve just gotta keep going to spite everyone who thinks that we can’t.”

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