illusion showing multiple reflections of a woman holding a mirror over her face

Clever optical illusion can ‘tell you if you’re happy’ depending on what you see

Optical illusions are not only tests for our eyes but, sometimes, they can also teach us more about ourselves. Today’s optical illusion can answer a very important question – whether you are happy with your current situation in life.

Brightside originally shared the illusion, which originates from Denmark, on TikTok. As usual with optical illusions, different people are seeing different things.

Here, take a look:

optical illusion of what could look like an apple core or two faces looking at each other
Image Credits: Brightside | TikTok

So what do you see?

Apparently, if you see two faces looking at each other then there is slightly disturbing news. But if you saw the apple first, then we have good news for you.

So, according to the answers, if you see two profiles then your focus in life is relationships. Moreover, you may be suffering from uncertainty regarding a special someone. The advice, in this case, will be to talk it out with the other person.

However, if you saw an apple then you accept things as they appear to you. Moreover, you are happy with your current situation. Also, you have full trust in the people close to you and they will help you whenever you need it. You are an optimist and you make others have brighter days too.

In the end, what you see is based on the individual, and any implications from it are just a bit of fun.


The Second Illusion

The second optical illusion today is not as philosophical. It is a simple picture showing a group of friends sitting together on one sofa. Take a look at the picture:

Image Credits: Reddit

It might look alright at first glance but take a closer look. You might see that there is one pair of legs less than the number of people in the picture. Baffling, isn’t it?

Well, as usual, Reddit users were quick to come up with answers. Among them, this was the most detailed answer:


Number one has her legs crossed, no tear in the knee. Number two has only one leg visible, the tear is in her knee. Those legs are blending together. (Follow that teardown, there’s a split where there’s a sock on the right and not on the left. Number two has a tear in her knee and a visible white sock).

That seems to be the case, but it is pretty difficult to spot even after knowing the answer, isn’t it?

Well, be sure to share today’s illusions with your friends and family if you enjoyed them.

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