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March 29, 2023 ·  3 min read

Chris Hemsworth And Wife’s ‘Violent’ Birthday Prank On Son Sparks Outrage

It’s not uncommon for most of us to play practical jokes on others at some point in our lives. However, if we do so in public, we risk facing criticism. Recently, Chris Hemsworth and his wife, Elsa Pataky, faced backlash after playing a prank on their son’s birthday. While many are quick to judge, it might be premature to do so without knowing all the details.

The controversy began with an Instagram post by Chris Hemsworth featuring a picture of a prank played on their nine-year-old son during his birthday celebrations. However, many individuals were quick to condemn Pataky’s actions, as she had shoved her son’s face into a chocolate cake. Some have characterized the act as both senseless and aggressive.

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Pictures don’t always show the entire truth as we all should know

The picture shows Pataky pushing her son’s head into the cake, while Chris Hemsworth and other children laugh in the background. Many individuals expressed confusion and disapproval towards the incident, questioning its humor and labeling it as an act of violence.

Why people smash their kid’s face in the cake is above my understanding but whatever,” one critic wrote in the comment section. “Why do people think this is funny?” another wrote, before a third added, “It’s so violent.“In my country [this is] done, but it’s very poorly [looked upon] because several accidents have already happened,” a fourth chimed in.

As of now, Chris Hemsworth and Pataky have yet to release a statement regarding the matter. However, it is known that their family is not averse to taking risks. Hemsworth, for instance, performs most of his stunts, and given his role as Thor, it’s understandable that such stunts would involve a certain degree of danger.

The actor has openly discussed the challenges he’s faced while performing his own stunts. Nevertheless, in recent years, he has made an effort to improve his self-care routine. Furthermore, he has expressed his desire for his children to appreciate everything around them.

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Some fans seem to disagree with the general public and stand by Chris Hemsworth

Despite the backlash, some individuals argued that the incident could teach the children the value of humor when used appropriately. “Violent? It’s a bit of play,” wrote one fan, before another added, “Just a bit of basic humor….. they look like they are having a good time together.”

Those kids are gonna grow up able to take a joke not be some little fairy who thinks having their head dipped in frosting is violent,” a third added. Chris Hemsworth’s post was captioned: “Happy 9th birthday to my two little men! Only one way to eat cake in this house and that’s to have mum slam your head into it face first!!”

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“He then told me what happened when he said: ‘Hey mom I don’t like chocolate cake I prefer vanilla. Oh really son, what about now?’” Sometimes, things are not what they appear to be, and it’s easy for us to be overly critical of individuals based on what we see on social media. This particular situation appears to be one of those instances.

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