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Camille Vasquez takes down Amber Heard again: ‘Big inspiration to all young ladies’

Camille Vasquez has very quickly shot to fame in her cross-examinations of Amber Heard in the defamation trial between her and her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. She has been able to highlight certain points that caught Amber’s alleged lies in their tracks, impressing many people on social media. The highly skilled lawyer has become an idol for many, and the jury has not even made a verdict yet. 

Camille Vasquez Questions Amber Heard

A survey has been carried out that investigates the amount of interest and engagement there is over the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation case. The survey showed that more people are tuning in to this case between celebrities than any other issue the world is currently facing. With this growing interest, many eyes have now turned to Camille Vasques, a member of Johnny Depp’s legal team. She has impressed many with the points that she has made, and her skills of objecting.

Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife for $50 million in a case of defamation of character. He is doing so because Amber Heard made a statement that she is a victim of domestic violence. Amber is now countersuing Johnnny for $100 million for calling her claims a “hoax.” The allegations that Amber has laid against Johnny include years of abuse. Over the last six weeks, intense questioning of all claims has been carried out from both sides. On Thursday last week, Amber Heard was on the stand, with Camille Vasquez interrogating her. 

Camille said to Amber questioningly: “Your lies have been exposed to the world multiple times?” Yet Amber is adamant that she is telling the truth. She replied to Vasquez saying: “I haven’t lied about anything.”

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Camille Vasquez, a Keen Interrogator

Amber Heard says that anyone will come to support Johnny Depp because he is a “powerful man.” Vasquez highlighted the incident when Amber admitted to punching Johnny Depp when she “thought” that he pushed his ex-girlfriend, Kate Moss, down the stairs. 

“When you told this jury you punched Mr. Depp because you thought of Mr. Depp pushing Kate Moss down the stairs,” said Camille Vasquez. “You didn’t expect Miss Moss to testify that never happened?

Amber answered: “Incorrect, I knew how many people will come out of the woodwork to support Johnny.”’ Amber went on to explain that the rumor of Johnny Depp pushing his ex, Kate Moss down the stairs was public knowledge. 

Heard continued, “Everybody who was around in the ’90s and the early aughts knew that rumor. I had heard that rumor from multiple people. Of course, that’s what flashed through my head when my violent husband not only swung for me but all of a sudden swung for my sister,” she said on the stand. “Of course, I thought of that.”

Of course, Kate Moss testified that Johnny did not push her down the stairs. Vasques also brought up how the paparazzi were there the one day that Amber came to court with a bruised face and no makeup to cover it. “You alerted TMZ you would be filing?” asked Vasques. “No I did not,” was Amber’s answer. 

At one point, Camille Vasquez had to sharply cut Amber off for speaking out of turn. “Miss Heard, there is no question pending. And I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t be making an argument to the jury,” said Vasquez.

Fans praise Camille Vasquez

Camille Vasquez had made a big name for herself amongst social media users. Videos of her interrogations have gone viral, and many have commented sharing their opinions, and praises for the lawyer. Real Charà on Twitter said: “What a brilliant lawyer! You are now a big inspiration to all young ladies across the globe. #CamilleVasquez” 

Another Tweeter, @OpionatedThe, wrote: #CamilleVasquez is the type of woman I would love to see in congress, imagine her staring you down like that, pffft, even for the Presidency, why not. Big ups to her, she showed how much of a force a woman can be.”

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