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Boy Wears Sister’s Skirt To School After He Was Sent Home For Wearing Shorts

We all know that school dress codes can be a drag. Growing up, no one likes being told what to wear, and sometimes we use the way we dress to rebel against authority. Clothing has always been a way of expressing yourself, even at schools with strict uniform policies. Remember those girls at school who would bend the rules by rolling the waistband of their skirts up slightly? Or the boys who rolled up their shirt sleeves and hung their blazer over their left shoulder when they did their “cool” walk? These are just ways kids act out and test boundaries, and usually for attention. Some school’s uniform policies are simply unreasonable. At Moffat Academy in Scotland, a student decided to protest against regulations by wearing his sister’s skirt to school. The story gained momentum as people got behind this boy’s act of defiance.


Shane took the school’s uniform policy quite literally

As we approach the middle of Summer, temperatures in classrooms can be unbearable. To make matters worse, Covid regulations prevent the use of air-conditioning units during school hours. 16-year-old Shane Richardson and a few other boys decided to wear shorts. However, they were promptly sent home on one of this year’s hottest days. Teachers at Moffat Academy had enforced the school’s uniform policy that only allowed students to wear trousers or a skirt. So without warning, Shane arrived at school the next day wearing his sister’s skirt instead. Perhaps he was inspired by the traditional kilts that Scotland is well known for. Maybe he was trying to survive the heat, but he certainly made an impression. All it took was the very young Scotsman’s rebellious move. Suddenly parents started paying attention to the school’s dress code policies.

Shane Richardson wearing his sister's skirt.
Image: Jim McEwan via Daily Record

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It was the hottest time of the year

When asked why he wore his sister’s skirt, Shane complained, “there’s no air conditioning switched on in the classrooms just now because of Covid, so it’s really hot.” He said, “like a few others, I was sent home for wearing shorts, so I decided to start wearing my sister Lexi’s skirt.” Shane revealed that “the teachers haven’t said anything to me about wearing a skirt, and neither has the taxi driver who picks us up and takes us to school in the morning.”

His mother Hayley thought the school’s ruling was simply “ridiculous.” She said, “as well as Shane and about 12 other boys, some girls have also been sent home for wearing shorts.” Hayley felt that “it’s been sweltering outside so for them not to be able to wear smart shorts to school is ridiculous.” She spoke of her kids, saying that “they are just back at school after lockdown, and it’s not long until it winds up on June 24 for the summer holidays, so it’s important for their education to be there.” Hayley explained, “This weather has meant they are sitting in a hot classroom for hours, and the air conditioning is switched off because of the Covid-19 regulations.” She said, “Shane has been wearing a skirt to school. He got it from his sister Lexi, who is 12.

Shane and Hayley Richardson, Daily Record


His sister’s skirt did the trick

There is now going to be a parents committee meeting to discuss this on a Zoom call,” said Hayley. “It takes place on June 16, but I am actually going to miss it because I work night shifts as a lorry driver,” she declared. Hayley revealed that “the date is close to the school winding up and a lot of parents think it should be brought forward to get it sorted.

A spokesman from the council said Moffat Academy’s current uniform policy had been around for years. He explained that “feedback from young people, parents, and carers to the school has indicated that it is time to review the policy and make changes.” The spokesman continued, “whilst this engagement is ongoing, pupils have been reminded to adhere to the agreed policy which enables the school to maintain high standards and excellence before any changes are finalized.” He concluded, saying that “an update to the parent council following this engagement has already been scheduled for June 16.

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