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Bikers lined up at girl’s lemonade stand after mom helped save them during crash

In Denver, Indiana, neighbors witnessed an interesting sight. A group of 30 bikers in jeans and leather vests stood in line for an eight-year-old girl’s lemonade stand. It was the Milwaukee Iron motorcycle group, and they came to thank the little girl’s mother and nurse, Daryn Sturch, who had helped them after a highway accident.


The Heart-Warming Lemonade Stand

The crash on Indiana’s State Road 19 in September 2018 had injured five bikers when Sturch arrived on the scene.


When I pulled up, it looked like one of them had lost control and their bikes [got] tangled,” said Sturch “I parked a ways away so my daughter wouldn’t see and I ran up. They had some severe injuries.”

She went over to the group and comforted the victims of the accident, which included three men and two women before the ambulance arrived. All five of them had received severe and brutal injuries. Fortunately, they all recovered and messaged her over Facebook. [1]


Lemonade stand back up in chili. #rainorshine

Posted by Daryn Sturch on Sunday, September 15, 2019

“I just got a flood of messages from them, thanking me,” Sturch said. She kept in touch with the group over social media. They also sent updates on those in recovery.

So on September 7, 2019 — a year after the accident — Sturch posted a Facebook photo of her daughter Bryanne selling lemonade on their driveway. “Lemonade stand currently open in Chili for interested parties…” read the caption. Bryanne was raising money to purchase equipment for a horse.


One of the bikers messaged Sturch about stopping by, asking if there was a good place to park motorcycles in her neighborhood. But she didn’t expect to see 30 bikes parading down her street. “I had no idea how many there would be, and they were so generous,” Sturch said. “She was charging $1, and I bet every one of them gave a $5 or $10 or $20. [Bryanne] was as happy as she could be.[2]

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A Happy Reunion

Among the bikers was Mary Henry, who was fortunately uninjured during the accident. She expressed that all of the bikers are grateful to Sturch, saying. “Seeing Daryn and her family, it turned out to be a great day. It was meant to be that she was there to help that day.”

Sturch went to the lemonade stand to greet the group and hug the now-recovered bikers who she hadn’t seen in person for a year. Three of the accident victims had come, and one of them hadn’t ridden since the incident.“They’re the nicest people. I want everyone to know how amazing they are,” she said.

Thank you Milwaukee Iron for stopping at Bryanne’s lemonade stand and making her day. We love the T-shirt’s. #greatpeople

Posted by Daryn Sturch on Monday, September 16, 2019

“I didn’t realize the bikers who I’d helped would be at the stand, so seeing them again was extremely overwhelming.” She had remembered helping one rider in particular called Lumpy. ”I remember trying to help him and him telling me, ‘I’m fine hun, I want you to go check on and take care of the girls’. He was more worried about the girls who were injured than anyone else. I’m so thankful they are doing so well.”

Bryanne also had a good time. Her first lemonade stand got rained out, so when the bikers suggested to her mother that she try again one week later, she hadn’t expected such an amazing turnout. [3]


[Bryanne] was so happy and surprised, and afterward she told me she thought there were nice people in the world,” said Sturch. “It was a good thing I wore waterproof mascara that day.

Good People Are All Around Us”

A Sturch family member took a video of the incredible sight and posted it to Facebook with the caption: “Best lemonade in the state! Last year my daughter and granddaughter pulled up on a motorcycle accident that involved several of the men and women of this group. Ever since then, they’ve been so wonderful to my family. Today they came by for lemonade to surprise my granddaughter.” 


The video has since been viewed thousands of times, spreading a very powerful and timeless message about the beauty in humanity, no matter how different people look. Even through an act as simple as supporting a little girl’s lemonade stand.


It is important to me that people understand that good people are all around us,” Sturch said, “and that just because someone doesn’t look or dress the way you do doesn’t mean they don’t have the same core values.” [4]

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