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Jade Small
Jade Small
March 24, 2024 ·  3 min read

Teen asks mom to drive him to girlfriend’s job after she has a very bad day: ‘The way you support him being a good man’

Do you know those adorable movie scenes that bring in that dreaded lump in your throat? Not the kind when you are sad, but the type of lump that matches the fuzzy feelings in your heart when you see someone you love. One teen recently went viral for asking his mom to drive him a fair distance so he could visit his girlfriend when she was having a bad day at work. Even though the internet gushed over his cute gesture, they were more impressed with how his mother had clearly raised him right. They praised her for raising such a gentleman and facilitating his ability to bring a smile to his love’s face.

Having a Bad Day

When you are having a bad day, sometimes there is very little people can do to improve it. Sometimes, there is only one person in the world who will be able to lift your spirits. A teenage girl and her boyfriend recently went viral on TikTok in a heart-achingly cute video. She was having a bad day and had been texting her boyfriend, telling him all she wanted to do was hug him. So, the anonymous boy asked his mother if she would drive him to go see her at work. The only thing was, she happened to work in a department store that was over an hour away from where they lived.

Image credit: TikTok / tabimetiviernance

His mother, Tabi Metivier Nance, agreed wholeheartedly. She recorded her son walking into the store and walking up and down the aisles, trying to find her. The text overlay on the video read: “When you drive your son an hour to surprise his girlfriend when she’s having a bad day…”

The song playing in the background is Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.” This set the scene for an overload of adorable young love. Hearts all over the internet melted as they watched the young lovers reunite. When Tabi’s son finally spotted his girlfriend, he quickly ducked up another aisle so he could come up from behind her and surprise her. As he got closer, his mother hid behind the aisle so she didn’t give away the surprise. He walked up to her from behind, and the look of complete shock on her face when she saw him is irreplaceable. She jumped backward, with her mouth open wide in shock.

Appreciation From the Internet

Then, as he pulled her into his arms for an embrace, she wrapped her legs around him to hold him even closer. After having a bad day, you can see this was exactly what she needed. At this point, the song in the background stopped. You can hear Tabi’s son ask his emotional girlfriend, “Are you crying?” As he put her back onto her feet, she turned to the mother and friend and jokingly said, “I hate both of you.!”

Image credit: TikTok / tabimetiviernance

The friend that the girlfriend who was having a bad day was talking to also happened to record the surprise meeting. She held her phone in an inconspicuous way and posted the video as well. This video was also a viral sensation which you can view on the TikTok account called Relationship Goals.

In both videos, people were praising the young couple for how cute they were. Many people were saying they wished they had a love like theirs. Many others also noted how well the boy’s mother had raised him, and for facilitating such a beautiful gesture. One person wrote: “As a momma I’d do the same!! Way to go momma for raising a young man so well!!!!” While another person wrote: “Well done. You raised him right.”

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