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June 1, 2022 ·  3 min read

‘Awful’ Netflix comedy Senior Year has viewers all complaining about one plot hole

We are a species that constantly seeks entertainment. In the modern age, we have the privilege of multiple streaming sites, like Netflix, that offer hundreds of movies and TV shows for us to enjoy. A new movie, starring Rebel Wilson, called “Senior Year” has left all Netflix viewers full of complaints about the bad planning in the movie’s plot. 

Netflix show, “Senior Year” Synopsis

Senior Year” is a comedy that is seemingly a traditional cheerleading film with a bit of a twist. Rebel Wilson, plays the role of Stephanie who is a 37-year-old cheerleader. After a horrific accident at the beginning of the movie, she ended up in a coma. 20 years later she woke up in her now adult body. She had missed senior prom and lost her epic cheerleading status to her rival, Tiffany. Rebel returned to the same school 20 years later to reclaim what she had missed out on, as well as earn her high school diploma. 

At the beginning of the movie, Stephanie is still in school as a teenager. She was not always as popular and had to work hard to get to the point of potential prom queen. Her arch-rival, Tiffany is threatened by her rise to popularity and fears she will lose the title of prom queen to Stephanie. Tiffany convinces her twin friend to ruin the landing of one of the cheerleading stunts. It ends wrong and Stephanie wakes up 20 years later in the hospital. 

Stephanie wakes up to find her world has changed around her while she was unconscious. Her mother became the principal of the school and her rival, Tiffany, is now living in a mansion and married to Stephanie’s high school boyfriend. Those who have watched the movie have asked why nothing was mentioned of Tiffany almost killing Stephanie. They want to know why there were no consequences for purposefully hurting someone. 

Netflix Viewers Left Confused Comments

The movie has a good support cast, and Rebel Wilson is well known for her comedic roles. However, those who have watched “Senior Year” are baffled by the lack of punishment there was for Tiffany and her twin friends for trying to hurt Stephanie. One person commented: “I was wondering if I was the only one who felt that this was crazy! I’m like, so she literally tried to harm this girl and it’s never mentioned again in the movie?” 

One person recognized that the movie was funny, and it did make her laugh, but she could not look past the fact that Tiffany and the twins should have been arrested. They wrote: “Okay, senior year on Netflix. It’s not bad, got me laughing and emotional at some point too. Cringing too. I just didn’t like the fact that the attempted murder wasn’t addressed or anything. Lol, Tiffany and the twins should have been in jail.”

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More people were horrified over the quality of Senior Year

Many say that because no one was punished for “attempted murder” lowered the quality of the movie. “The worst part about Senior Year movie on Netflix is that no one got in trouble for attempted murder,” said one viewer, and another viewer wrote: “Besides them ignoring an attempted murder, that senior year movie on Netflix wasn’t bad, wrote another viewer, while someone else wrote: “So I’m confused…was that not attempted murder????”

One viewer thought that a good old cheer scene might distract from the lack of punishment. They wrote: “I thought the end of #SeniorYear Tiffany was going to admit she attempted to murder Stephanie and maybe do a little jail time. But I guess a big cheer scene made more sense.”

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