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Aliens exist and they’re bunkered under Mars with humans, ex-Israeli space official says

For years humans have wondered whether or not aliens exist. Books, movies, and TV shows have all been made about the topic, and conspiracy theories have been going around since even before the internet. A former Israeli space security chief has come out saying that not only do aliens exist but that they are already here. (1)


Former Israeli Space Security Chief Says Aliens Exist

To cap off the wild year that was 2020, Israel’s former space security chief Haim Eshed came out publicly saying that aliens exist and humans have already been in contact with them for years now. According to him, the extraterrestrials asked previously not to be revealed to the rest of the human race. (2)


The 87-year-old former head of the Defense Ministry’s Space Division claims that both Israel and the United States have been collaborating with the aliens for years. Together with the extraterrestrial beings, they have created what he calls the Galactic Federation. (3)


The goal of the federation is to satisfy the common goal between the humans and the aliens: To understand the “fabric of the universe”. Eshed says they have a secret underground base on Mars where both American and Alien representatives are working together. (1)


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The American Space Force

This announcement coincides with the American Space Force – the new sixth military branch created by former president Donald Trump. All this said, NASA has not confirmed the claims of extraterrestrial life so far. (2)


“Although we have yet to find signs of extraterrestrial life, NASA is exploring the solar system and beyond to help us answer fundamental questions, including whether we are alone in the universe,” a NASA spokesperson said in a statement. (3)

According to Eshed, former president Trump nearly announced the news to the public, but the Federation stopped him. Eshed says the members of the Federation wanted to prevent mass hysteria and don’t believe that the human race has evolved enough yet to fully grasp the fact that aliens exist. He says we must have a better understanding of what space and spaceships are. (1)


Why The Announcement Now?

The question remains, then, as to why Eshed decided to make this announcement now instead of earlier. He says it is for two reasons (1):

  1. He is an internationally-respected professor with multiple degrees and awards for his work.
  2. The academic landscape has changed so that people are now more receptive to this information than they were before.

“If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalized,” he told Yediot. (1)

Currently, there is no other information to back up his claims, however, you can read more about this topic in Eshed’s recently-published book The Universe Beyond the Horizon – conversations with Professor Haim Eshed. (3)


Time will tell as to whether or not Eshed’s claims are true or are simply a publicity stunt to help him sell his book. If they are true, then perhaps 2021 will be the year that the human race finally comes face-to-face with aliens.


Will you be ready?

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