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9 Gross Things All Girls Do (But Love To Pretend They Don’t Do)

Since the dawn of civilization, people have put women up on a pedestal. They have named them goddesses, and have been the muse of many artists. Media has also had a part to play in how we view women. Placing idealistic expectations on them. Girls are expected to be perfect little beauty queens. However, there are many things girls do that they dare not to speak of. But, sorry ladies, we are here to set the record straight. After all, women are humans too.


Avoid washing their bras

Most women have a select amount of bras. That means they have only one or two favorites. Most days, girls want to look their best. So, that means wearing their best bra that holds their little, or not so little ladies nice and secure. All the while looking great. Even if they have the time, washing bras is time-consuming business deemed unworthy of a daily routine.

Girl will avoid washing their bras for days on end.
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The least expected thing girls do is picking their nose

Yes, you read right. Girls will go mining for gold in their nostrils. They will not do this in public, because that is just plain indecent. Not only that, but if they catch a man with his fingers in his nose, they will react with disgust. But, be assured, it is just to throw you off their trail.

Girls go for nose gold
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Girls also poop!

Weirdly enough, girls also have bowel movements. They fart and poop just like all living things that breathe air and eat food.

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Girls poop too!
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Girls also smell their pits

The things girls do to smell their own armpits are quite phenomenal. They will pretend to tie their shoelaces. And While they are crouched down, they’ll catch a whiff. Some girls like to suddenly combust into stretching, which is actually a strategic plan to give their pits a sniff. Why are women smelling their pits, you might ask. Men seem to love their stench, so do women love theirs too? Actually, it is a preventative measure. They are thinking of the next person who is brave enough to hug them.

Stretching... or sniffing....
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DIY sanitary situations

All girls have been in these situations. The unexpected period that started a day too early, or got really heavy super quick. Sometimes tampons, pads, or moon cups are not readily available. In these cases, girls have resorted to just about anything absorbent, from rolled-up toilet paper, to tearing a sleeve off their T-shirt.

Toilet paper has more than one function...
Image credit: Pexels / Anna Shvets

Things girls do – they forget to wash their hair

Ever heard of dry shampoo? It is an amazing invention that turns greasy unwashed hair into seemingly clean hair. Thick, or thin, hair is laborious to wash. So, dry shampoo has been a godsend.

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No washing for as long as possible.
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Girls pee in the shower too

Ready, set, aim. Well for girls it might not be as easy to pee standing up, nor as fun. But, it sure is possible. Girls also love to pee in the shower, because it is way too cold to jump out of the shower, grab a towel, and plonk themselves on the toilet. They may not admit it, but it is a convenient thing.

Yes, the toilet is too far to reach.
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No panties, no shame

Go-go-go, go-go commando. You’ve all heard the song, and trust us when we say, this is one of the things girls do all the time. Who has time for panties? They are restricting and cumbersome, not to mention the visible line the create on the outside of your clothing.

It's all fun and games until a windy day come along...
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Girls despise shaving… believe it or not.

Most men wouldn’t believe it because women always seem to have freshly shaved skin. But, there are days when they adorn some jeans that cover their legs, wear shirts with sleeves, and avoid wearing a bikini. Those are the days they were too lazy to even look at their razor. it happens more often than you might have realized.

Girls be like: "Gotta have again... or I could wear long pants..."
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