Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
January 15, 2023 ·  1 min read

Yellowstone Elk Has Perfect Response To Taunts From A Tourist

Elks are massive creatures, and these individuals should count themselves lucky that they escaped with just a burst tire! The incident took place in Wyoming. The K2 Radio uploaded footage that showcased a Yellowstone Elk being taunted by an individual in a vehicle. After that, the creature took revenge on the individual by popping one of the tires using its huge antlers. While this tourist was approaching the elk on a highway, he mumbled, “Watch out buddy. You wanna fight?” 

The yellowstone elk footage is priceless!
Image Credits: Facebook

Man Decided Taunting A Yellowstone Elk Was A Good Idea- It Wasn’t!

It is clearly evident that the Yellowstone elks are quite irked at the presence of this intruder. However, it doesn’t aggravate the situation. The tourist should have ideally gone about his own business and not irritated the animal further. However, he sticks his head out and calls out to the elk, “You wanna go, bud.” After getting heckled by this human, the elk decides to show him his place. He then plows its antlers through the left front tire. 

It was also discovered that the footage was close to a year old, but K2 Radio had been circulating it through the social account of Deby Dixon- a wildlife photographer. The photographer stated, “I see so many park visitors taunting the wildlife with their vehicles, whether following the animals or stopping right next to them. The man driving this car was verbally challenging this Yellowstone elk, not that his words made any difference, it was his actions by stopping the animal’s path. But, the bull gets the last word.”