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Mom-of-4 sleeps in car while caring for dying husband, has life turned around with gift of $10,000 and new car

Life can be exceptionally tough at times. Some people seem to dodge the misfortunes that others are struggling with. But, one family was hit hard by an unfortunate turn of events. A loving husband of four was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and his wife and mother of his children were struggling to support them all. Her misfortune was met with the generosity of those who empathized with their circumstances. 

A Tiffy Taffy Highlight Story: Sometimes there are stories that are just too good, too beautiful, or too unbelievable to keep locked away. That’s why we scour the archives and bring some of them back to enjoy again. They may make you smile or shed a tear, but they’re always meant to add a little positivity to your day. This story is originally from August 2016.

Mother of four, and wife to terminally ill husband 

Jessica Roboredo is married to the love of her life. Her husband’s name is Robert, and they have four children together. When they met through mutual friends, their love was instant. They decided to get married fairly soon after. Not long after that, they welcomed their first child. And, before they knew it, they had four. 

Based in Las Vegas, Jessica worked as a waitress in a Chili’s restaurant and her husband did his part as a wood craftsman. None of the children are over 6 years old, so they require a lot of attention, which both parents lived for. 

Jessica Roboredo and her four children.
Image Credit: @ReboredoRobert | Twitter

When Robert was 25 years old, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. The disease took a particularly aggressive approach, and it had spread to his lungs in no time at all. His doctor recommended he be admitted to a hospital as soon as possible. However, it was in another town altogether. And so, the family was separated, and Jessica was left to fend for them all by herself. 

Her budget was tight

Jessica was not living a grand life prior to her husband’s diagnosis. But, when he got sick and went away to the hospital, the missing portion of his income made her budget even thinner than before. Now she was having to feed and clothe her children, not to mention keeping the family home. Being a loving wife, she wanted to spend as much time with her husband in the hospital, which meant travel costs to get there. Sometimes She would resort to sleeping in her car on those visits because she couldn’t afford accommodation. 

Image Credit: @ReboredoRobert | Twitter

Nevertheless, Jessica kept a smile on her face and a bright attitude. Many people would succumb to depression, but Jessica wanted to put a brave face on for her children, and her husband. 

Miracles do happen

Since she was in grade school, Jessica kept a close relationship with her second-grade teacher, Kimberly. They stayed in contact after Jessica left school, and their bond remained strong up until today. Kimberly wanted to do something for her friend because she hated seeing Jessica feeling so down. Being aware of all her financial struggles of paying medical bills, and potentially losing their family home. 

One day, Jessica was working a shift at the Chili’s restaurant, and her day took a surprising and heartwarming turn. She was finishing off with one customer, and he left her a $200 tip. Her excitement changed into shock when the next customer tipped her $300. Furthermore, another customer tipped with $500, and when a customer nearby inquired, he matched the final tip with yet another $500. 

That’s not all! It turns out that Kimberly had called Fox5 to nominate her friend. The presenters and camera crew rocked up at the restaurant and gifted Jessica with a shower of gifts. She got $10,000 to help with expenses, a new car for her to drive, as well as hotel reservations for when she visited her husband. “You guys have no idea how much this means to me. My husband is actually in the hospital. I almost lost him a week ago,” Jessica told Fox 5.

Unfortunately, Robert’s disease won the war, after a long and difficult struggle. He passed away on August 12th, 2016. Throughout It all, Jessica maintained her smiling nature. She said: “My biggest thing is keep your head high and keep smiling because as long as you keep smiling, you’ll make it through.”

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