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William Shatner Confirms He ‘Doesn’t Have Long To Live’

Star Trek fans all know the name William Shatner. He played the iconic role of one of the most beloved characters on screen, Captain James T. Kirk. William, now 92 years old, announced that he ‘doesn’t have long to live’ as a means to reach out before his death.

William Shatner as Captain Kirk

Born on March 22, 1931, in Montreal, Quebec, Shatner’s journey to stardom began in the early 1950s. He wasn’t Captain Kirk from the start. In fact, he became known for his stage work, appearing in various productions on Broadway and in Shakespearean plays. However, his role as Captain Kirk in the groundbreaking science fiction series “Star Trek” catapulted him to international fame.

Following the success of “Star Trek,” Shatner’s career continued to thrive with numerous film and television appearances. He starred in popular shows such as “T.J. Hooker” and “Boston Legal,” which ensured the longevity of his fame. Moreover, he received an Emmy Award for his portrayal of Denny Crane in “Boston Legal.” Shatner also ventured into the world of music, releasing several spoken-word albums and even winning a Grammy Award for his album “Has Been” in 2004.

In 2004, won a Grammy Award for an album he released called “Has Been.” This was one of several spoken-word albums that the talented artist released. However, amidst his celebrated achievements and contributions to the entertainment world, William Shatner recently made headlines with a statement that has left many fans and admirers concerned. He revealed, rather candidly, that he believed he “doesn’t have long to live.”

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You Can Call Me Bill.

In the past, William Shatner had been asked to do documentaries, but he turned them down. Now, at the age of 92, he decided it was time. The documentary is called “You Can Call Me Bill.” It shows honest interviews, his views on life and the world, and reflections on his extraordinary career. If you are curious to know how William became as famous as he is today, this is a documentary worth watching. “I’ve turned down a lot of offers to do documentaries before, but I don’t have long to live,” he said.

In the interview, William went on to say that he chose to do the documentary as a means to reach out to his fans and family before he passed. “Whether I keel over as I’m speaking to you or 10 years from now, my time is limited, so that’s very much a factor. I’ve got grandchildren. This documentary is a way of reaching out after I die.”

His Greatest Joy is His Grandkids

Over and above being an actor and writer, William Shatner has loved being a grandfather. “Being a grandparent is the greatest joy for me,” he once said in an interview. He added how he has more time in his later years to be there for his grandkids. “I have the time now to grab a grandchild and talk, and hug and kiss them and make sure that I’m taking time to be with them and to give them some aspect of the things I’ve learned. Family life is totally encompassing,” he added to The Guardian in 2014. “I see my daughters every weekend. And we go off on holidays together – everything from skiing to snorkeling.”

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