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Jade Small
Jade Small
November 19, 2023 ·  4 min read

Soldier’s Grave Plot is Noticeably Greener and Mom Learns a Stranger has Been Secretly Visiting

A Tiffy Taffy Highlight Story: Sometimes there are stories that are just too good, too beautiful, or too unbelievable to keep locked away. That’s why we scour the archives and bring some of them back to enjoy again. They may make you smile or shed a tear, but they’re always meant to add a little positivity to your day. This story is from August 2015. Enjoy! 

When a young soldier died, his family was distraught. He was dearly loved and sorely missed. His family would visit his grave frequently. One day in 2015, they noticed the grass around his grave plot was a lot greener than usual. With thoughts of miracles running through their minds, none of them expected the truth behind the lush grass. One day, the late soldier’s mom found out about a secret caregiver who had been nourishing her son’s grave.

A love like no other

Some relationships are truly the stuff you read about in the best romance novels. One couple had just that. A love without conditions of any kind. They cared deeply for one another to the end, and that love continued, even in death.

Jake and Elizabeth Reissig had been married for 65 years. They were madly in love with each other, right up until she passed away. One of their sons, Roger, told CBS news that his mother was always dressed nicely, and his dad always found her beautiful. “She was beautiful to him,” he said.

Jake Reissig watering his wife's grave plot
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When Jake and Liz first got married, he started a tradition that he carried over after her passing. Every day, Jake would bring his wife a rose. When she passed away, Jake would walk into his rose garden every day. He would clip a rose from the bushes and bring it to the cemetery where she was buried. Then, he would place it on her grave plot.

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He nourished her grave plot

In 2015, Texas was facing a serious drought. Jake could not stand by and watch the grass of his wife’s grave plot go brown and crunchy. So, he decided to get a garden hose and water the grass twice each day. The grass around Liz’s grave was noticeably greener than the grass on the other grave plots.

One day, Jake could not help but notice a woman kneeling next to a grave a few plots down from his wife. She was crying, and Jake wanted to comfort her. So, he went over and found out that the grave belonged to her brother, Joseph Anthony Villasenor. He was a soldier in the US Airforce. In 2010, he passed away after serving his country for 16 years. He was only 36 years old. According to his family, he was a sports lover. and he died in a car crash on his way to a softball game.

Jake felt the woman’s pain, being all too familiar with grief himself. He wanted to do something for the grieving family. Being in his 80s, there was not much that he could offer as a way to console their loss. However, Jake did have something he could do for the family.

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He watered the late soldier's grave plot too
Image credit: Everlasting Footprint | Facebook

The secret carer

The next time the Villasenor family visited their son’s grave plot, they were stunned beyond words. The grass surrounding his grave was so much greener than it was when they last visited. Their initial thought was that it was a pure miracle. None of them had asked a gardener to care for the grave, so they were baffled as to why the grave was so much greener.

As it turns out, Jake was the miracle worker and secret care giver. He gave himself away when the Villasenor family finally caught him in the act. Upon one visit to their son’s grave, they saw Jake watering the grass around his grave plot. It was an emotional moment, one with a lot of hugging. The late soldier’s mother was amazed at Jake’s compassion for someone he did not know. Jake offered her the hose, so she could water her son’s grave herself.

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