15 “What Am I?” Riddles for Kids That Can Even Challenge Adults

In today’s world, entertainment surely comes at a price. Whether it be the new PS5 or the latest gaming setup in the market, entertainment for kids picks it up a notch when it comes to how expensive they are. In such a scenario, one can always turn towards using riddles for kids- which can be fun and extremely cheap. Not only will it enable them to pass time, but it will also help in cognitive development. 


Here Are 15 Riddles For Kids That Might Stump You!

1. What Has Four Chambers And Is Inside A Body?

I’m red, blood pumps through me, and I live in your body. I’m the symbol for love, please don’t break me. What am I?”

Answer: It is a heart. 


2. Time For Some Outdoor Games, Isn’t It?

I’m round and I go up and down. You can throw me, and you can catch me. Please be careful with me near the windows. What am I?”

Answer: A ball.


3. We Need It For Survival

I’m usually green and brown. With rain, I can live for a long time. I’m a house for a bird and kids love to climb me. What am I?”

Answer: A tree


4. Is It Your Birthday Yet?

“I come in many different colors and I get bigger when I’m full. I will float away if you don’t tie me down and I will make a loud sound if I break. What am I?”

Answer: A balloon


5. The Box Of Drama

“I will keep you entertained with my comedy and my drama. I’m shaped like a cube and I can attach to your wall. What am I?”

Answer: A Television


6. Don’t Look Up

I am a hot ball of bright light in the sky and I disappear at night. What am I?

Answer: The Sun


7. The Caretakers Of The Soil

I have no eyes, ears, hands or legs, but I am strong enough to move the Earth. What am I?”

Answer: An earthworm


8. Why Don’t You Looking At Things From A Different Perspective?

I’m a ball that you can roll but cannot be bounced or thrown. What am I?”

Answer: An Eyeball


9. The Only Room That A Frog Absolutely Loves

I’m in a room that is small, but you can’t enter me or leave. But I am a room that you can eat. What am I?”

Answer: A mushroom. 


10. Extremely Difficult To Scrounge If You End Up Losing It

I am tall and thin with a single eye. But whatever you do I can’t see and you can’t make me cry. What am I?”

Answer: A needle.

11. Something That You Always Seen, But Have You Ever Thought About It?

I go all around villages, towns, and cities, but I will never come inside. What am I?

Answer: A street. 

12. The Only Quarter That Will Ever Matter- No Symphony Comes Close

“I shave, cut, and wash a few times a day, but I still have hair more than you can imagine. Who am I?”

Answer: A barber.

13. Look At The Sky- Is It A Bird? A Plane? Or Is It Superman!

I have no feet, no hands, no wings, but I climb to the sky. What am I?”

Answer: Smoke

14. You Can Also Be Prosecuted For It- Just For Your Information!

I can be cracked, I can be made. I can be told, I can be played. What am I?

Answer: A joke

15. This Is Who You Are. But Do You Really Know Who You Are?

I belong to you, but your friends use me more. What am I?”

Answer: A name. 

So, how many of these riddles for kids did you manage to solve? As far as one can assume, these weren’t too difficult to deal with. If you have more riddles that you think are funny, write to us in the comments below!