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Jade Small
Jade Small
January 14, 2024 ·  3 min read

7 Clever Ways to Get Rid of Mice That Actually Work

Mice. Those pesky little critters. Although they are small and cute, nobody wants a mouse problem. Mice can be incredibly destructive, especially if not brought under control fast. The problem is, how does one get rid of mice in a humane way? What are some ways to get rid of mice that won’t end up hurting birds of prey, such as owls? Finding natural ways to get rid of pests can be tricky, so have a look at our helpful list if you have found yourself with a bit of a rodent issue.

What you don’t want to do

Unless you are an incredibly cruel human, you do not want to use traps like glue or poison. The issue with glue traps is that the mice do not die right away. Often, mice rip their own little legs off or chew themselves to get free from their sticky prison. Immobilizing an animal, even a pest, is cruel. According to Humane Society, the other issue with traps like these is that you are actually legally responsible to humanely kill the mouse that is stuck to the glue board you have laid down. We are pretty sure none of you want to do that. When it comes to poison, many beautiful birds of prey unknowingly catch or pick up mice who have eating poison. Owls and other birds who eat these mice will also die. So, since we bet you are not waiting to be responsible for any of that, read on for proper, natural ways to get rid of mice.

Brown Mouse Eating Nut

7 Ways to get rid of mice, naturally

Before you starting thinking of ways to get rid of mice, you need to figure out where they are nesting. You should also seal off holes, including tiny cracks! Make sure you store your food in well-sealed containers that mice won’t be able to chew through.

Adopt a kitty

In stable yards, people often have cats to help with the mouse populations. One of the best ways to get rid of mice is by adopting a kitty is one sure way to keep those pesky little critters at bay!

Hot pepper

Make up a hot chili pepper with water solution and add a little dish soap. Spray this in all the places mice have been frequenting, but be sure it is not accessible by any kids or pets.

Steel wool

According to Healthline, find the spots mice have been sneaking into and pack it with steel wool. Mice can not chew through it, making it an excellent deterrent.

Gray Mice in the Middle of Walls

Essential oils

Both peppermint and clove essential oils have shown promise in keeping rodents at bay. All you need to do is allow some cotton balls to soak up and saturate the oil. You can place these cotton balls in cupboards and draws. This method is best used in conjunction with another as one of the best ways to get rid of mice.

Pipes and vents

Kapture Pest suggests that; if you can not figure out where the mice are getting in, it could very well be as simple as vents or outlet pipes from appliances! Make sure to check them and close them off where possible.

Humane traps

Instead of using glue or poison, consider a catch and release humane trap for mice and rodents. All you need is a special trap obtainable from many welfares and vet shops or amazon. All you need are some yummy treats to lure the mice in, and once captured, you are able to release the mice at least a mile away from your home.

Cat litter

According to Seventh Generation, one of the most simple ways to get rid of mice is by leaving used kitty litter in tubs around your home. Sound bizarre? Well, if you were a mouse, you likely would not want to be anywhere near a cat. The smell of ammonia warns the mice that there is a predator nearby, hopefully keeping them away!

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