Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
January 29, 2024 ·  2 min read

Social Media Users Are Challenging Each Other To Spot The Hidden Tiger In Viral Optical Illusion

Illusions can be quite interesting. Especially if they have some deeper, inner wisdom to it. For this illusion, all one needs to do is find the tiger hidden in it. Remember, on most occasions, an illusion requires one to keep an open mind. You need to be able to go beyond the surface and look at it from all angles. If one stays cooped up in the box that they have made for themselves, finding the solution to any illusion will be difficult. On the other hand, one also needs to think outside the box. This particular illusion has been stumping people on social media, as they keep trying to figure it out. 

Optical Illusion Of A Tiger Has Brought A Social media Frenzy

This particular illusion has been spread all over Twitter and Reddit, and the image shows a tiger that is standing in a jungle.

Take a look:

Image Credits: Twitter

Now, the tiger has been camouflaged with bamboo and trees- and most of the users on social media have one task: finding the “hidden tiger”. Interestingly, The Sun has reported quite a low percentage of people finding the tiger. In fact, they’ve claimed that only 1% of people can see it. Though we don’t think it’s that hard. Take a look!  

The Solution and some expert insight

You would be forgiven if you were actually looking for a tiger, but what you should be looking for is the words ‘Hidden Tiger.’ Have you found it yet? If you haven’t, try taking a look a the tiger, and the answer may be hidden within.

Haven’t found it yet? Alright, here is the answer: The words “hidden tiger” are in the tiger’s stripes.

tiger with the words "hidden tiger" hidden in its stripes
Image credit: Twitter

Now, while it is always fun to answer illusions, they also play quite a role in our lives. Dr. Matt McMahon from the National Eye Institute believes illusions can be “really valuable tools for scientists to use to understand how your eyes and your brain help to make sense of the outside world.

Michael Bach, a professor of neurophysics, has also stated that optical illusions similar to the tiger do “widen the mental horizons and make it clear that things are a little different than they seem.

Susana Martinez-Conde reiterates the sentiment by mentioning, “They’re important tools in visual research that help us understand how visual processing works in the normal brain and also in the diseased brain.”

So what did you think of this optical illusion? Let us know in the comments below! Also, here are some more optical illusions for you to try out:


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