numbers in shades of grey that are in sequential order 1,2,3,4 etc.

There Is Something Wrong With This Image. Can You Find the Mistake?

The past two years have been very tough. The pandemic was not the only thing happening. There were hurricanes, disease, death, as well as news of wars across the globe. We are still reeling from the series of events with little clue as to what will happen next.

This has made a lot of us seek ways that will let us escape the daily pressure. And some of the best ways to do that are quick puzzles and brain teasers. It offers a different sort of break than the usual ones in the mainstream media.

Today, we have an image puzzle that has left the Internet working over their brains desperately. Do not be fooled by its simple appearance because it is way tougher than that.

There Is A Mistake Here

This visual puzzle has a moral behind it: life’s most difficult puzzles can sometimes look the simplest. Additionally, you don’t always have to dig deep to find the answer either. It can be there right in front of your eyes.

The trick to solving this image puzzle is having keen observational skills. We promise you that once you get to know the answer, you will never forget it.

Now that the moral lesson is over, get ready for the puzzle!

Here is the image that has the challenge:

visual puzzle: can you find the the mistake? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Credits: Greenlivingtribe

It has very simple things in it. But, as the picture says, there is a very obvious mistake there. How fast can you find it?

The Solution To The Image

We won’t lie, a lot of us spent days on this puzzle and still could not get the answer. So don’t feel bad if you are struggling to find the mistake

Nevertheless, take some more time, and look closely at the picture. We can give you one hint: look at the entire picture. Hopefully, that should make the challenge a little less frustrating

So did you manage to find it? If you did, then congratulations! Let us know how long it took. If not, we have the answer for you. Scroll down to see it

Here is the answer:

visual puzzle solution: can you find the the mistake? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Credits: Greenlvingtribe

We bet you are thinking how blind you were to have missed that. But actually, this actually happens because of how our brain works. Did you know that we don’t always read every word in a line? Rather, most of the time, our brain predicts what the next word is automatically to process the information faster.

But you can train your observation skills to actually notice these details despite your brain’s habits.

Here are some more that can help you with that: