Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
May 14, 2024 ·  2 min read

3 Robbers Thought Elderly Grandma Was An Easy Target, But She Bravely Fought Them Off

While your interactions with your grandma have been nothing but a ray of sunshine, it would be unwise to think that grandparents as a rule are harmless individuals. That is definitely not the case- something three robbers understood when they tried to rob an unarmed lady, thinking that she was an easy target. This is the tale of one Mrs. Winifred Pell from Bromborough, Wirral, who was out at an ATM trying to withdraw money when she was jumped by three individuals. When she stood before the ATM and was about to enter her PIN number, she noticed that someone was standing just behind her. Before she could react or scream out, two other individuals immobilized her. 

Mrs. Winifred Pell, the brave grandma
Image Credits: Daily Mail

77-Year-Old Grandma Fends Off Three Robbers At An ATM Vestibule

While she was kept immobilized, one of the robbers decided to withdraw 200 pounds from this grandma’s account. This made the woman understand that she was getting robbed- and if she didn’t do something fast, her entire account would get emptied before her eyes. So when one of the robbers went on to withdraw more money from her account, she managed to grab hold of him and kept slamming his head on the ATM. The others, seeing the plight of their accomplice, quickly fled the scene, along with the person with the head injury. As luck would have it, the woman called the police and the attackers were arrested the same day.

The only reason why the police did manage to identify one of the individuals was because of the head injury that was caused by Grandma Winifred. The perpetrators were identified as Piper Dumitru, Felix Stoica, and Florin Geblescu. According to the case prosecutor, William Beardmore, the robbers had been driving around town looking for targets to rob. Speaking to Metro, Winifred stated, “They didn’t care how that affected me. I can say with certainty that this event changed my life, I will never have the confidence I once had.

This Grandma also mentioned that since she had grown up with three older brothers, and participated in sports throughout her life, she managed to show a tenacity that the three robbers certainly didn’t anticipate.


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