Mayukh Saha
Mayukh Saha
March 15, 2024 ·  3 min read

Man Hears Voice Coming From Shed Behind House, Finds 6-Year-Old Boy Alone, With Hands Tied Behind His Back

A 6-year-old boy was found bound in ropes in a shed. A man living nearby in Dallas heard the boy’s cries. He then found him with his arms tied behind his back at the back of the house. It had been documented that the kid had been tied up for close to four hours. Of course, the trauma had been almost irreparable.

The child was scared, hungry, and bawling his eyes out. The kid’s grandmother and her boyfriend were arrested in connection with the incident. The man who discovered the child was himself traumatized by the experience. When he called the police after freeing the child, he had tears in his eyes, recalling what had been done to the poor child. 

Juan Vaquero, the man who saved the kid.
Image Credits: CBS DFW

Man Calls The Cops On Landlord After Discovering She Had Tied Her Grandson Up In A Shed

The kind man, Juan Vaquero, had been renting a camper from Esmeralda Lira, a 53-year-old landlord, and her 64-year-old boyfriend, Jose Balderas at the back of the house. Since he had been living there for a considerable amount of time, he had been well-acquainted with Lira’s grandson- with whom he played often. While things seemed ok, this was not the case. One day, he heard a muffled scream outside and called out to the shed.

The shed in which the kid was locked up.
Image Credits: CBS DFW

The voice of a scared child responded, so he rushed to see what was wrong — and what he saw shook him to the core. He asked the boy how long he had been in the shed, and the visibly shaken child said he had been there since 6 in the evening. Juan didn’t find him until 10 pm that night. When Juan offered some Jell-O to the kid, the latter responded that he wouldn’t be able to eat it because his hands had been tied behind his back. 

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The Grandson Was Treated Like A Dog- Tied and Locked Up

Juan’s conversations with the kid had been recorded- and for anyone reading it, the shock emanating from the man was palpable. Juan asked him, “Since six in the afternoon you’ve been shut in there? Son, it’s going to be 10. It’s already 10. Listen. Were you misbehaving with her or why did she shut you in there?” The kid replied, “It’s been since you gave me a pillow and blanket. That was the first day she put me in this room.” The man asked further, “You said she tied up your hands?” To which the child confirmed it. When asked why, the child mentioned, “Because she didn’t want me grabbing things anymore.” The child further mentioned, “She lets me out in the morning. I’ll take  bath, and then we’ll see each other outside.”

Needless to say, Juan called the police and set them on the kid’s grandmother. The police officer arrived after 11 pm to find Lira, her boyfriend, and a couple of other kids in the house. When questioned, the grandmother conveniently replied that the kid was with his mother.

But when they asked Juan, he simply pointed towards the shed. Law enforcement arrested Lira and her boyfriend for endangering a child. And as for the man who saved the child, he would not be living on that property anymore- but a child’s safety mattered more than his own living conditions. 

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