man with heavenly light shining down on him at night

Man Captures Unearthly Moment ‘Gates Of Heaven Open’ While Sky Was Still Pitch Black

Apparent UFO sightings are somewhat common, but what about sightings of the ‘biblical’ variety? Well, a Florida resident was pretty astounded to see such biblical scenes depicted in the night sky. It would be prudent to note that this took place 150 miles from where a SpaceX rocket was launched just minutes before. The incident was captured on a smartphone by 38-year-old Tavaras Brinson. On May 6th, he was on his way home when he saw a ray of light piercing through dark clouds.

Needless to say, for Brinson, it was a sight to behold and felt blessed to be able to get it on camera. The footage clearly showed the light beaming down over Bradenton, Florida. The construction worker was pretty emotional over what he saw.

Screenshot from Tavaras Brinson's footage capturing what could look like 'the gates of heaven.'
Screenshot from Tavaras Brinson’s footage. Image Credit: Tavaras Brinson | Facebook

“It was like the gates of heaven opening. It was dark and then all of a sudden a bright hole opened up in the sky. I watched it open. It was amazing, I thought it was God coming back. I believe in God, and I do believe this was a religious experience. I’ve never seen anything like this, ever. I feel blessed. When I looked, I thought I had to capture a video of this. We were there for a good 30-40 minutes and it was still there. It wasn’t a star, it was abnormal. People were saying it was a rocket launch, but I don’t know. I’ve seen rocket launches before and they didn’t look like that. It was biblical.”

Tavaras Brinson – LAD BIBLE

Unearthly Sight Seen By Construction Worker- Believes It To Be An Act Of God

SpaceX confirmed that this ‘unearthly’ sight was their doing. They had just launched the Falcon 9 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center. In fact, the rocket had been launched mere minutes after Brinson saw the image. While several users on Facebook stated that this was just a rocket launch, Brinson wasn’t convinced.

One user stated, “I think it’s the SpaceX launch. There was an article stating it would create the jellyfish effect.” Yet another user commented, “It was a launch.”


Several other users on Facebook also commented that this did seem like the work of God. One of them stated, “That looks like a portal to heaven.

To this, Brinson replied, “Yeah, that was my first thought. That’s why I said it was beautiful.” In the United Kingdom, someone commented, “OMG, it’s like it’s a portal opening up the heavens you haven’t seen nothing until you on this side of the world nephew. All I can say is honey keep your eyes open more is coming your way I’ve seen it.

This unearthly sight led to several individuals mentioning their surprise. “Look at God’s handy work. Only the father can do that, no man on earth can do. Look at God, he is truly the man. If you don’t have him, you haven’t got nothing at all.

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