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Johnny Depp Expresses Deep Pride For His ‘Boy’ Jack Depp Who is the Actor’s Replica

Johnny Depp has received some negative headlines in his recent past. His marriage to Amber Heard turned sour and resulted in a tumultuous court case with both parties suing and counter-suing. But, before he was married to Amber Heard, Johnny Depp had found a long-lasting love with his ex, Vanessa Paradis. They have two children together, one of whom is Johnny’s spitting image. Depp Expresses the deep pride he has for his son. 

Jack Depp turned 18

Jack Depp was born on April 9th, 2002. He has managed to escape the mainstream media by leading a life away from the highlights of Hollywood. He is not often seen out and about, but since turning 18 in 2020, he has made some headlines. His sister, Lily-Rose Depp posted a picture on her Instagram wishing her baby brother a happy birthday, showing him sitting outside in his swimming trunks soaking up the sunlight. Many people have been amazed at how much he looks like his father when he was his age. His A-Lister dad’s hairstyle seems to have made its way into Jack’s gene pool. Lily-Rose captioned the picture: “My baby Jack is 18. My baby bro, my heart and soul, happy birthday. I love you so much!”

Jack Depp
Image Credit: Lily-Rose Depp | Instagram

Lily-Rose and Jack share a very close bond. They were born two years apart in their mother’s home country. They can speak both English and French. Lily-Rose once said how they would sneakily speak about private things to each other in French while at school so no one would understand them. “When my brother and I were at the same school, whenever we wanted to say something that was going to stay just between us, we could say it in French and nobody would understand,” said Lily-Rose.

Jack Chose a Music Career

The now 20-year-old Jack Depp may not have groomed himself into becoming an actor, but he is well on his way to following his father’s music career. Johnny Depp had originally planned a career in music for himself, having dropped out of high school to pursue his dreams with his guitar. Jack Depp is reportedly in a band now called the “Clown Boners.

Johnny is proud of his son for pursuing his dreams with music, regardless of avoiding a life of acting. He even has a tattoo with Jack’s name on his arm with a Sparrow, which is very similar to the one that his Captain Jack Sparrow Character has. In an interview with The Inquirer in 2014, Johnny said: “He draws really super well. He also plays music very well. He’s got a good feel for that,” In the same interview, Johnny expressed how relieved he was that Jack was not interested in acting, and called his son “a very talented draftsman”.

Johnny’s Son, Jack Depp is his perfect Replica

There is no doubt that Jack loves his children very much. When the case with Amber Heard dragged his name through the muck, Johnny mentioned that he defended his honor not only for himself but for his children’s sake as well.

Johnny and Jack Depp
Image Credit: Lily-Rose Depp | Instagram

“Since I knew that there was no truth to it whatsoever,” said Johnny. “I felt it my responsibility to stand up, not only for myself in that instance, but stand up for my children,” the Hollywood actor said. “I wanted to clear my children of this horrid thing they were having to read about their father, which was untrue.”

When Lily-Rose posted those pictures of her brother sitting in the sunlight on his birthday, fans were shocked at how much he looked like his father. One fan commented on the picture saying: “Oh my goodness, he is just divine, just like his father. It’s crazy how alike they look.”

Another fan wrote: “Wow, he’s gorgeous, just like his dad. Good genes run in the family. Happy birthday!”

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