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This Volkswagen Bus Cooler is the Coolest Cooler We Have Ever Seen

Coolers are essential for camping, road trips, beaches, and picnics. When my family would go camping every year, the coolers were the most important equipment to bring (aside from tents, of course). They not only kept the beers and sodas chilled, but they were also packed with perishables like meat for barbeques and milk for breakfast cereal. At night, the coolers doubled as critter protection. That is, until the raccoons learned how to open the coolers one year. After that, we stored them in the car trunk overnight. 

Our coolers weren’t much to look at. They were a standard gray with a thick white lid. Their only added perks were the four cup holders in the lid, which were less useful when some wise guy thought he could grab something from the cooler with an open can of pop was sitting on top. Well, what’s camping without a lot of mess?  

The other little perk of these coolers were their wheels. However, the wheels were too small to trek the rough terrain of a camping site and the handles were too short for an adult to drag the cooler without bending down. Therefore, a cooler full of beverages and frozen food had to be carried around, sometimes by two people, and sometimes by one person eager to display their strength.  

The cooler game has been upped since those days of raccoon-fending, soda-spilling, and weight-carrying. Plus, it’s got much more stylish.  

Introducing the Rolling Volkswagen Bus Cooler 

Volkswagens are favorite cars among many people, and they never go out of fashion, which makes this cute cooler timeless. You may not be able to drive a Volkswagen bus to the beach with your family and friends, but you can still bring one all the same. This cooler is official Volkswagen merchandise, and it’s a perfect to-scaled replica of the real thing. 

No wonder people are going crazy over this new product. It has four wheels and foldable handle that extends whenever you want to tow it to a barbecue, beach, picnic, or wherever you’re headed. The 30-liter cooler is completely insulated, and it comes with a lid lock. Take that, raccoons — and anyone else after the good beer. And don’t worry about the great outdoors damaging this cooler; it’s produced with anti-rust steel so it’s ready to be exposed to the elements 

Here is a more conclusive list of its features: 

  • 30-liter capacity  
  • large insulated storage compartment  
  • a retractable handle for easy transportation 
  • folds underneath the base of the van 
  • extendable handle to turn left or right to steer 
  • rubber tires 
  • heavy-duty lid-lock 
  • anti-rust pressed steel construction  
  • hinged roof 
  • ideal for camping or beach trips  
  • can go ‘off-road’  
  • internal drainage plug 
  • easy to clean 

My family wouldn’t have had to worry about towing this cooler from the campsite to the beach. This cooler is designed for travel, literally and stylistically. This is not the kind of product that only looks great. 

This Volkswagen bus cooler is very durable and is able to meet the demands of people enjoying the countryside. It can be taken off-road without being damaged. This can become a mainstay in family camping trips in the future! And the best part is that you don’t have to carry it. Just bring wheel it along to the beach without any fuss.  

The Rolling Volkswagen bus cooler is on the pricier side, but it’s a worthy investment for anyone who is a Volkswagen mega-fan, whether it’s a gift for Dad, a friend, or yourself. Plus, it’s a fun staple for anyone who enjoys road trips and the great outdoors. And who doesn’t like an iced tea by the crashing waves, or a cold beer by a crackling campfire? 

The customer reviews will attest to the perks of this cooler. It has a perfect review score. 

Love this VW cooler. It’s unique, well-built, and an eye-catcher. Can’t wait to pull it through the car shows,” one customer wrote. 

“This was purchased as a gift for a VW driving and loving friend. It’s a great cooler and will definitely be put to plenty of use this upcoming spring and summer,” wrote another. 

This VW cooler is totally cool, we are glad we got one, will be great to take outside when it is warm enough to BBQ, our friends are envious,” said another reviewer. 

So if you’re planning relaxing beach days, barbeques, picnics, or any kind of outdoor gatherings, bring this Rolling Volkswagen Bus cooler to the party. It’s more than just an eye-catching accessory, coolers are a staple for any outdoorsy person or family in the summer.

If you have a hard time finding the cooler, if it’s sold out, or if you’re just looking for something a little less expensive, you can also check out these, from Igloo Coolers.

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