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‘He Wants Me, Not My House’: 82-Year-Old Grandma Marries 36-Year-Old Lover, Defends Their Love

Once upon a time, the socially acceptable relationship was between an older man and a younger woman. However, the times have changed. Today, any relationship is possible – even that between an 80+ year old grandma and mid-thirties man.

Iris Jones, who is 82 years old now, is the wife of Mohammed Ibrahim, who is 36 years old. And the two had not met when Iris was much younger. In fact, the couple had met in 2019, when Iris was already 80. We know that there is nothing that love cannot overcome. But their love story is still going to amaze you.


The Grandma And The New World

Iris lives in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England. She is the mother of two middle-aged men – 55-year-old postman Stephen and 53-year-old recycling truck driver Darren.[1] In 2019, Stephen had gifted Iris a laptop. He also opened a Facebook account for her and taught her how to use it.

Iris Jones and Ibriham during their time in Cairo.
Image Credits: Iris Jones | Sunday Mirror

Little did Iris know about what she would find through that Facebook account. Nevertheless, Iris then joined an atheist group. There she got acquainted with Egyptian Mohamed Ibriham who was an engineer by occupation. The pair soon began to chat online regularly. After a while, Ibriham was the one to confess to Iris.

Understandably, Jones was doubtful of this man’s confession. After all, she was 80 years old! And the two had only talked to each other online. They had not even seen what the other looked like. So she said in an interview on ITV’s The Morning:


I asked him, ‘What do you want an old biddy like me for? You’ve not met me, you’ve never touched my skin or looked into my eyes

Mohammed’s reply was apparently quite simple:


But he told me I was a wonderful charming lady who he loved to bits. Slowly, I started to feel the same and then he sent me a picture of himself and I thought, ‘Ooh, you’re gorgeous’.

Five months later, Grandma Iris flew all the way to Cairo to meet Ibriham for the very first time. They spent some delightful days touring the pyramids, visiting restaurants, and riding boats and camels. Iris even hit it off with Ibriham’s mother, who is a decade younger than Iris. But, they soon experienced a more natural obstacle.


The Next Hurdle For The Amazing Couple

The next immediate obstacle for Grandma Iris and her Egyptian lover was when the time came for physical intimacy. In fact, the situation became worse when Iris suffered an accidental fall. Consequently, she had to endure being in the hospital for 2 whole days.

Iris Jones and Mohammed Ibriham riding camels.
Image Credits: Iris Jones | Sunday Mirror

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Regardless, they did unite. Moreover, Iris even revealed the couple’s experience in detail when they were interviewed on The Morning (see video below). Needless to say, the saucy interview not only made the listeners blush but also made the couple famous. Here is an excerpt:[2]


The skin on my legs is very very thin. When it comes to making love it can be painful. I can end up at the A&E with skin rips. But we’ve solved that problem as we do it doggy-fashion. Love hurts.

It seems age has not taken away a single bit of liveliness from Grandma Iris.


Then, came a more serious obstacle. Near the end of Iris’ visit to Cairo, the couple had decided on getting married. Their decision was final enough for them to go to the British embassy to register it. However, the authorities denied it because of the lack of proper documentation.

Back home, Iris’ family raised objections as well. Stephen, the older son, thinks that Ibriham was marrying Iris to get free citizenship and her money. Darren, the younger, was a bit wary of the relationship as well. However, Iris managed to make up with them, although she told them not to talk about it.

Moreover, Ibriham claims that he is quite rich back in Cairo. Iris, on her part, says that she only has a weekly pension worth £200 to her name and her £220,000 bungalow. Moreover, Iris said that Ibriham had even agreed to a prenup to prove his loyalty.[3]


A Happy Ending For Grandma Iris

Fortunately, Grandma Iris eventually did manage to get married to Ibriham. In October 2020, the British Embassy accepted the marriage request. However, the pandemic kept Ibriham from getting a visa for the following ten months.


Grandma Iris recalled that she missed Ibriham terribly during this period. She was afraid that she would not be able to marry the man of her dreams after finally finding him.

However, the worries were for naught. For Ibriham, he was happy to be able to just be with Iris:

I don’t care where we live or how rich or poor she is, I just want to be with Iris. At the end of the day, which country she wants to make her home is her choice; it can be either Britain or Egypt.

Honestly, how many same-age relationships can boast of such a strong bond? We wish all the happiness for Grandma Iris and Mohammed in their new life together!

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