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How Fast Can You Crack These Challenging Riddles? 99% Of People Can’t Solve Them All!

Riddles are one of the best ways for exercising your brain. On top of that, they are both entertaining and permanently enhance how quickly you can think. There are hardly any questions that will force you to leave the box behind and think outside, other than riddles.

The enhanced thinking abilities that you get from riddles also help when you face situations in real life. Many unexpected problems are easy when you have a clear and quick mind.

Because of that, today we bring you three riddles that are specially designed to make you change how you look at problems. So, get ready to put on the thinking caps. Here are the riddles:


The Riddles

Before you start, we warn you that the first one is a bit difficult. For this one, you have to identify what the question is talking about:


Do you have any idea? Here is a hint: try to think of things that have enter, space, and keys in the same place. The hint should make it a lot easier to answer! All the answers will be given together, after the third riddle.


So here is the second one. This one has a more philosophical angle, and has the entire internet intrigued:

Riddle: Never was, I am always to be. No one ever saw me, nor ever will. And yet I give confidence to all who live and breathe on this terrestrial ball. Identify me.

This one will be particularly tough if you always think conventionally. But, as with the last one, here is another hint that will make it a lot easier.

Focus on the sentences, especially the first and second ones. Did you get the answer? If you did, then try solving the third and final one before we reveal all the answers.

This one is the final hurdle in attaining the title of riddle master! And it is a worthy one at that:


This time around we don’t have any hints to give, though. So think away!

If you are satisfied with your answers then scroll down to see all of them.


The Answers

The answers are pretty simple:

1. Keyboard
2. Future
3. Hole in the ground

So, how many of the riddles did you solve? Or, maybe you came up with different answers? We would love to hear about them in the comments below. Also, if you liked it, share the riddles with your family and friends to test out their thinking abilities as well.


Meanwhile, here are some more riddles to keep exercising your brain:

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