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People Are Making Merry-Go-Rounds For Their Chickens From Old Bike Tires

As a child, I absolutely loved merry-go-rounds! Always so much fun, I could never wait for the carnival to come to my area. I’d go on rides on the merry-go-round over and over and over again! So, obviously, when I spotted this idea online, I was filled with excitement. Many people go the extra mile for their pet dogs or cats, but what if your pets are chickens? It turns out; people have been making these amazing carousels for their chickens to enjoy!


We know what you’re thinking

Do chickens actually find joy in playing? Yes, and they do get bored too— just like we do! Chickens who have nothing better to do might become destructive or even self mutilate. Imagine being stuck in a coop all day! Of course, you’re going to get bored. But, thanks to these awesome chicken merry-go-rounds, your chicken may just be okay! Read on to see just how simple and easy it is to make one of these for your chickens at home, providing them plenty of entertainment and stimulation that they need.[1]


Merry-go-rounds for chickens

As mentioned above, people have been making these amazing carousels for their feathered friends. They are also so incredibly simple to make. All you need is an old bicycle wheel and to attach it to something so that it will spin around. Whoever thought of this idea is genius!


Have a look at some chicken merry-go-rounds we found

Just look at this pair of chickens enjoying their merry-go-rounds!


This one was painted to look more colorful.


Looking for more ideas for your feathered friends?

If the chicken merry-go-rounds seem like a great idea for your chickens, have a look at these fun ways to keep your chickens occupied. This is, essentially, a merry-go-round too! You could also use an old wheel for this idea. All you need is an old side-table with the top removed, something that can spin, and some tasty treats dangling. As the chickens jump and peck to get to their treats, the wheel will spin. This will help ensure your pet chickens get some exercise as well!

Chickens Are Loving This Amusing Exercise Wheel Made From Corn And  Cucumbers
Feather heads bird rescue

Another amazing idea for your chickens is a hanging chicken treat. We want our chickens to be fit and healthy and get lots of food and exercise, and a great way to do that is with a hanging cabbage treat; in addition to keeping them fit, they also seem to be having fun, and a happy chicken lays happy little eggs.[2]

hanging cabbage treat for chickens

Learn how you can make a cabbage toy for your chickens HERE


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