At 75, Cher Says She Will Never Let Her Hair Go Gray

For over six decades, Cher has been a pop culture icon renowned for her music, acting, and fashion sense. With her distinctive voice, bold fashion choices, and timeless hits, the multi-talented artist has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. One of the most striking features of Cher’s appearance is her ever-changing hair color, which has ranged from jet black to platinum blonde. However, in recent years, fans have noticed that the 76-year-old star has yet to embrace the natural graying process. Opting instead for wigs and hair dye.

Cher still has jet-black hair

Born on 20 May 1946, Cher has been a long-lasting and popular person in the entertainment industry. Over the years, she has changed her style in many different ways. Her hair is the main form of transformation, and no style was deemed unworthy, except for letting her hair go naturally gray. Which is inevitable in all of us. she is determined to keep the salt and pepper look out of her style vocabulary. “It’s had to morph,” she said, referring to her ever-changing hairstyles. “It’s had to have changed,”

The world is currently undergoing a major transition in terms of self-love and beauty. But still, many artists are refusing to let themselves age naturally. Similarly, we have seen this recently in the backlash that Madonna experienced in her appearance at the recent Grammy awards. Now, Cher is put under the limelight.

In a 2001 interview with the Daily Mail, Cher opened admitted that her natural hair is long and brown. She then expressed her opinion on wigs. According to her, they make changing her look a simpler task as you can just pick a wig, and put it on your head. “There’s nothing wrong with my hair, but I love wigs, and always have. They are so low maintenance. It just makes it easier to change my image,” she said.

Gray hair in the time of Covid

During the COVID-19 global lockdown, dyeing one’s hair proved a difficult task. There was so much uncertainty about the virus that many hair stylists were not willing to put themselves and their loved ones at risk. As a result, many celebrities were forced to embrace their natural silver fox appearance. However, this was not possible for Cher. She refused to let her hair go gray, even if she could not go out in public.

Cher with blond hair

There is no judgment from Cher. She is not opposed to other people sporting the silvery aesthetic, she is simply anti-gray herself. “[Going gray] is fine for other girls,” she said in a 2022 interview with PEOPLE magazine “I’m just not doing it!”

Char’s many hair styles

Cher has undergone many changes in terms of hairstyles. In 1999, she sported a silvery wig at the Brit Awards which she bedazzled with diamantes. Then, in 2000, she died her hair a platinum blond, which she liked to style perfectly straight. In 2003, she took on a grunge look by dyeing her hair black, leaving her bangs a platinum blond. Finally, in 2010, she dyed her hair bright red for a premier event in London, following a Burlesque theme. These are only a few examples of the many styles she has boasted to the world.

Cher says that changing her hair is about having fun, and that people place too much emphasis on the choices of others. “It’s all about having fun,” she said. “I just think that people who worry about the way someone puts on their makeup should get a life.”

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