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Bus Driver Finds in His New Apartment Photo of Woman He Once Kicked off the Bus into the Cold – a Short Story

No matter how much time has passed, it is never too late to say you are sorry. Believe it or not, even the smallest thing you do to someone can cause them pain for a very long time. You might worry about feeling silly. It was so long ago after all. However, people will always appreciate an apology for hurting them. Today’s story was inspired by the readers at AmoMama. It shows us how saying sorry can make a world of difference. Even years later.


That Night on the Bus

Anthony was driving the city bus that night on its last stop. He pulled the bus to the side, and 3 passengers stepped aboard. One was an elderly woman named Agnes. While the first 2 passengers got on the bus quickly, Agnes was struggling. Her bus pass wouldn’t scan. It was freezing outside and another bad snowstorm was on the way that night. Anthony was already in a bad mood, the weather made it worse. Then, there was this old woman who was wasting his time.

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Aggravated, Anthony shouted at the woman to hurry up. STartled, the woman explained she didn’t have her wallet with her, and that the bus pass was all she had. Agnes told the bus driver that she would pay him back as soon as she was able to get home. She pleaded for him to show some compassion.


“Lady, I can’t do that. Don’t you have some cash?”

“No, sir. Please, can you do me this favor? I’ll leave you my phone number and give you the money later. Please, it’s so cold,” the woman begged.

“I’m sorry, lady. My bosses strictly prohibit that. Please exit,” Anthony said finally. The woman tried to plead her case again, but Anthony lost his temper. “GET OUT RIGHT NOW!”


Agnes backed off the bus and Anthony drove off into the cold night. He never knew what happened to Agnes, and for a while, he never bothered to find out.


New Apartment and a Picture

Anthony was laid off his job shortly after that night with Agnes. It wasn’t because of what he did, but because the company always let people go after the holidays. He knew it was coming. However, he quickly found a new job across town. This meant he needed a new place to live that was closer to his job. So, he put his flat up for rent, and moved into a neat 2 bedroom on the other side of the city.

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As Anthony was unpacking, he noticed something under the kitchen counter. It looked like a picture frame. Anthony bent down and picked up the frame. He instantly felt sick to his stomach with shock.

Inside the frame was a photo of an elderly woman. It was the same woman he kicked off the bus that cold night of the snowstorm. Anthony realized Agnes must have been the previous renter of the apartment. Immediately his head filled with all sorts of possibilities.


“Please, God. Tell me she didn’t die that night because of me,” Anthony prayed to the skies as tears started running down his face. “Please. What can I do to make things better?”


Anthony had an idea to ask the landlord for the previous tenant’s information. He quickly got Agnes’ phone number and rang to see if she would answer.


Agnes Responds

The phone rang and rang. Eventually, someone picked up. It was a younger-sounding woman. Anthony asked if Agnes was available. He held his breath, hoping the answer would be yes. The woman said to hold, and Anthony exhaled a sigh of relief.


Agnes picked up the other end of the line and said hello. Anthony immediately told her everything about moving, finding the photo, and that night on the bus.


“You might not remember me, ma’am. My name is Anthony. We met briefly around this time last year. I was a bus driver. It’s me. I’m the one who kicked you out in the cold,” he continued. “I’m so sorry. That was horrible of me. I was in the worst mood possible, and I was worried something may have happened to you.”


Agnes told Anthony the harsh truth. He caused her an immense amount of ain by his selfish actions that night.

I wouldn’t wish ill on anyone, but I must admit that I was pretty angry at you that night. I’d just visited my husband’s grave and needed to return home before an even bigger snowstorm fell. I had to walk home, and then, I fell ill for a long time.”

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Anthony felt terrible for what he had done. However, Agnes accepted his apology and gave him a few words of wisdom before she hung up.

Making Amends

Agnes told Anthony that he needs to consider how his action can impact the lives of others. And, Anthony agreed. He offered to make it up in any way he could. Offering apology after apology, he showed he really was sorry for what he did. Agnes told him that if he wanted to help make things right, he could do her a favor. The senior center needed help moving some boxes and tables for a charity event. Anthony quickly said he would be more than happy to help.

So, the two became friends, and Agnes was always very happy than Anthony apologized. Anthony was able to sleep better knowing he made things right before it was too late.

This story was inspired by an original piece of fiction that first appeared on AmoMama. Any similarities between this story and actual people is purely coincidental.

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