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Jade Small
Jade Small
March 31, 2024 ·  4 min read

Man Demands Wife Bury Him With All His Money – Her Genius ‘Solution’ Has Him Turning In Grave

Money is one of the most controlling factors in our world. We cannot live without it, and that pretty much sums that up. However, it is not always the healthiest relationship. So often we are consumed by the need for it. This need becomes greed, and we lose sight of what is more important – compassion and love. One man decided he could not leave this mortal coil without his fortune. His dying wish was to be buried with all of his money, but his wife had other plans for it. It is unclear whether or not this story is fictional, but, it sure has attracted the attention of the internet!

One Man’s greed

There are many people in this world who live a frugal life. This story is of a man who worked hard throughout his whole life. He refused to spend a single penny out of their basic needs. Subsequently, he managed to accumulate quite the fortune for himself. However, neither his wife nor himself were able to enjoy the fruits of his labor. When his life was coming to the inevitable close, he made a request that shocked many of his close relatives. But, especially his wife.

He said to his wife one day: “When I die, I wish for you to gather all of my money and lay it in my coffin.” His wife was obviously puzzled by this request and asked him why. He replied as if the answer were obvious: “I wish to take my money with me to the afterlife, of course.”

The old man
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This might be understandable if he were a pharaoh in the times of ancient Egypt. They were always buried with all of their fortunes which thy used as a sort of currency to buy their way into the afterlife. The more gold you had, the higher your position in the next phase of life would be. But, he is not a pharaoh, and this is the modern age. Far greater things could be done with the money.

The man had married a compassionate woman. She usually understood his reasoning, but this request seemed absurd and selfish to her. When she mentioned this to her friend, the story was met with shock and disappointment. They tried to convince her otherwise, but the man’s wife had made a promise. Not to mention her Christian upbringing had ensured she would never let a promise down.

On the day of the funeral

After he passed, she planned a beautiful funeral. Cleverly, she managed to avoid spending too much just as he would have done when he was alive. The service went by with all the hymns and prayers, and even a few tears shed. She had loved her husband, regardless of his stingy side. The priest was finished with the final sermon, and the last memorial speech had been given. He started closing the coffin, and the wife knew this was her chance to fulfill her promise.

Woman Standing Beside her husband's Coffin
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Just before the priest was able to close the casket, she raised her hand and asked him to wait. Her friend looked her in disbelief. “Surely you can’t be serious?” asked her friend. “You need that money,” she continued. “do not be so ludicrous and give it to a man who cannot use ithe is dead!”

The woman had been sitting with a shoe box on her lap. Getting up slowly, allowing her old bones to ease into motion. She announced that she had something for her husband, a final parting gift of fulfilling a promise. She winked at her friend as she passed her by walking up to the casket. Her belated husband lay motionless, serene in his suit and tie. She placed the shoe box inside the casket and closed it herself.

Later that day

At the wake later that day, her friend sat with her and asked what was inside the shoe box. The woman started giggling to herself, and said: “Well, my husband asked to be buried with every cent he had and I obliged.” When her friend continued to look at her in disbelief, she said: I transferred every single cent he had into my account, and then wrote him a check.”

Her friend was stunned, and they both burst into fits of laughter. The old woman had kept her promise. But, at the same time, he would not be able to cash the check-in from inside the coffin.

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Editors Note: This is a fictitious story with an unknown origin.