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17 Tricky Riddles That Will Make You Use Logic To The Fullest

Here we go again. We are back with some more tricky riddles that will test your mettle. So, are you willing to bet on your mind? Do you think you have what it takes? After all, what’s the best way to test what you are made of? A riddle a day, and maybe a puzzle thrown in the mix. But remember, you need to be observant and think outside the box. Your academic genius isn’t going to help you out here. Rather, use your wit, and your keen eye for detail. You will see, the riddles get really simple after that. So, what do you think? Give it a shot, maybe?


Use Your Wit To Solve These 17 Tricky Riddles

So, let’s check out the answers to these tricky riddles. While we are sure you got all of them correct, there is no harm in checking it again, is there?



1. The players weren’t playing against each other. 
2. A Teapot
3. Tom lived in the Southern Hemisphere
4. FELIX (Fe = Symbol of Iron, LIX = 59 in Roman Numerals)
5. She would be earning a lot more if she did 2 more haircuts
6. 6 people
8. Cash-ew
9. When it doesn’t rain
10. A greenhouse is constructed with glass
11. The number 8
12. A dictionary
13. Are you asleep?
14. She is playing scrabble with Maria
15. February
16. Up in the air
17. 4 hours= 240 minutes

How many of the tricky riddles did you manage to answer correctly? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to test out your friends and family with the riddles if you found them tricky enough!

Here are some more tricky riddles for you to figure out:


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