4 slot toaster with 4 slices of toasted bread popping out

Woman shares ‘hidden compartment’ in toaster and people never knew it existed

There are some occupational tips that make all of our lives easier. As such, we should really be thankful for the angels that decided to share them with us. TikTok users have the right idea of showing gratitude by making Kacie viral because of her intriguing fact about toasters. If you have a toaster, you must have noticed how breadcrumbs tend to get stuck within the rungs of the toaster. However, they are notoriously hard to clean. In fact, for most, it is impossible to clean. You would think companies would notice that.

Well, Kacie, a professional cleaner, went on TikTok to show that companies did in fact think about it! They even designed a secret compartment within every toaster that is specifically made to help people clean the crumbs.


Kacie’s Ingenious Toaster Cleaning Hack

In the TikTok clip, Kacie talked about how the internet is filled with cleaning hacks that only make cleaning harder. She could not hold back when a hack suggested that you can use a hairdryer to clean a toaster.

While she explained all this, she pulled out a tray from under the toaster. The tray had already collected all the crumbs. She then tipped it over into the trash can, and the toaster was clean!


Needless to say, people were blown away by the “hidden compartment”. Of course, you might be one of the rare ones that actually went through the manual and knew of its existence. However, apparently, hundreds had no clue that such a thing existed.

One comment read: “Omg I can’t believe this. I always stare at it and get annoyed because of all the crumbs.

While others were too surprised to say anything: “Wait? Toasters have trays?

So did you know about this hidden toaster compartment that was not really a secret? Let us know in the comments!

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