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The Number Of Dogs You Can Find In This Photo May Determine Your Mental Age

We just love visual challenges and brainteasers, don’t you? Today we have a special image for you to observe. Depending on your answer, we might be able to tell you your mental age! If you’re ready to take this fun test, keep reading! Of course, this isn’t an official diagnosis or anything, we’re just having a little fun!

Black And White Short Coated Dogs
Eddie Galaxy – Pexels

How Many Dogs do you See?

Thankfully, we are all different. After all, if we were the same life would be pretty boring. Because we are all so vastly different, we might see something that our friend doesn’t. Or, they may be able to spot something that we don’t see. It’s this spectrum of visual differences and observances that helps us to determine the results of this test.


Now, all you have to do is look at the image below and tell us the number of dogs you see. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, thanks to spatial difference and monochrome colors, this visual challenge might be a bit more tricky than expected.


You will have to use all of your creative thinking skills to get a perfect score on this test. This is one brain teaser that doesn’t require logic or brainpower. Instead, you will have to imagine, fill spaces, and determine if those random shapes are in fact random.


If you are ready to take this challenge, let’s go!


Can we Determine your Mental Age?

All you have to do is count the number of dogs in the image below. Ready? Good luck!

dog visual challenge

Take your time, this test does not have a limit set. You have all day to figure this out and give your best response. Remember to use your imagination and think outside the box.


If you are ready to see the answer below, scroll down. We will do our best to determine your mental age based on your answers. Here we go!



How many dogs were you able to find in the image? Hopefully, you got them all, but if not, don’t worry! Let’s take a look at the answers and see how you did.


If you found 4 dogs in the image:

Shallow Focus Photography of Paintbrush
Daian Gan – Pexels

If you found 4 dogs in the image, then your mental age is between 20 and 25 years old. This means that although you might not have the world figured out just yet, you don’t really want to anyway. You would rather spend time focusing on creative outlets and imaginative ways to pass the day.


If you found 5 dogs:

Full length of young female in sleepwear standing in kitchen and doing splits with leg up near counter while making tea for meal
Miriam Alonso – Pexels

If you found 5 dogs in the image, then your mental age is around 30. This means you are someone who enjoys the simple things in life, including your own space. Everything you do is for your comfort, and that’s not a bad way to live. If you want to make a salad in your kitchen while practicing ballet, so be it!

If you found 6 dogs in the image:

Unrecognizable woman sitting on hill
Dmitriy Ganin

Your mental age is approximately 40 years old if you found 6 dogs in the picture. You are likely the person everyone goes to for advice, and you have wisdom in your words. Whether you are enjoying the peace and solitude of a stroll on the beach or enjoying a few drinks with friends, the world sees you as an ally.

If you found 7 dogs:

Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt and Blue Skirt Standing on Road
cottonbro – Pexels

Very few people were able to find all 7 dogs in the image, but if you did, your mental age is around 10. While others are planning serious matters, you are probably daydreaming and enjoying the world of imagination. Not everyone enjoys naivete, but your childlike endearment is charming for many of those around you. You’re not a fan of rules and like to challenge those around you.

Which mental age did you get? Do you agree with your results? Let us know in the comments! And if you want some more brain teasers to try out, check these links below:

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