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How Fast Can You Spot The Mistake In This Photo? Look Closely!

Sometimes, the simplest photos depict the most mysterious stuff. Today we have two pictures. But each of them has a single mistake that has gone the internet go bonkers.

One Too Many Friends

We all have photos with our friends. A lot of them become memorable because they catch us in some awkward pose with an awkward face. Two best friends were doing the same thing in a parking lot for their photo. Here it is:

Image Credits: The

However, something is amiss in this picture? Can you spot it?

There are two hands that are completely unaccounted for! They are on the shoulders of each man. Did you see it? Now, what can the mystery here be?

We think that someone is hiding behind them. Here are all the hands visible, if you have failed to spot them:

Image Credits: The

An Uncanny Wedding Photo

First off, here is a seemingly normal wedding picture of Kevin Matthew Denis and Christina, his wife:

Image Credits: Kevin Matthew Denis

However, the couple posted the photo to Reddit in the hopes of getting an explanation for an eerie thing they spotted. Perhaps, the eagle-eyed among us already saw it.

If you haven’t yet, look closely at the empty space between the bride and the groom. Do you see a creepy face staring at you? Yes, that is the unsolved mystery of this photo.

However, Reddit users have come up with more realistic explanations. One of them suggested that it was a prank by one of the wedding guests. Another suggested that it might be someone’s clothes that coincidentally looked like that because of the framing.

Image Credits: Kevin Matthew Dennis

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