christmas tree set up in a living room

9 Out Of 10 People Can’t Spot The Christmas Tree In This Festive-Themed Scene! But Can You Find It?

The Christmas season is almost here! And with that, we have a great visual puzzle involving Christmas trees. Every day is a great day for testing how good you are at spotting the details in a scene. But be warned: this puzzle is tough! Only 10% of the people who look at it managed to figure out the answer. So, ready for the challenge?

Visual Puzzles Train Your Brain As Well As Your Eyes

Puzzles like this increase your visual acuity and observation skills. Games such as jigsaw puzzles or “spot the difference” needs you to do both things at once: look at what’s in front of you acutely as well as remember and analyze the scene to get at the answer. Moreover, trying to find the answer can become a good habit. There are also several more health benefits.

Studies show that keeping the mind active through puzzles and other problem-solving activities can reduce the amount of brain cell damage that occurs in Alzheimer’s patients. It also supports the growth of new nerve cells and strengthens the connections between them.”  – maddcappgames

Spending time alone with a puzzle is also a great way to unwind and reset from a busy day.  Working on a puzzle with someone can help you get away from screens and create a personal connection.” – Baylor college of medicine blog

Time For The Christmas Tree Visual Challenge!

So now that you know all the ways you benefit from solving visual puzzles and challenges, get ready to solve this one. Only 1 out of 10 people have managed to find the answer. Find out if you are one of those who pay extra special attention to the smallest things. Remember, the devil is in the details!

There will be a picture below, and this is the challenge: there is a Christmas tree somewhere in that picture. You just have to find it. You will soon see that it’s tougher than it seems. To make it more enjoyable, give yourself a time limit to finding the Christmas tree. Here is the picture:

spot the christmas tree
Credits: 247Blinds

247 Blinds, a UK-based company, created this pattern. Some of the leaves look very similar to a Christmas tree, but they are not. The Christmas tree will be noticeable if you manage to spot it.

One more hint: the Christmas tree will be in a lighter shade of green, similar to the leaves. However, there are loads of green in the scene. This is leaving a lot of people confused.

So, time to reveal the answer. If you are prepared to find it out, then scroll down.

The Location Of The Tree

First off, congratulations and great job if you managed to find the Christmas tree within all the different objects. You are now a part of an elite 10%.

Fret not if you failed to do it. But, before we reveal the answer, you might want to try one more time. Make sure you have given it your absolute best!

Now, here is the answer: (it’s near the bottom right corner of the image).

location of the christmas tree

So did you find it? How long did it take? Let us know in the comments!

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