May 23, 2024 ·  2 min read

Gen Z spark debate on everyday clothing item that shows you’re old

Who knew a pair of socks could be so divisive?

Another day, another Gen Z criticism of millennial fashion choices.

The ever-lasting feud between Millennials and Gen Z is nothing new, with the two age groups clashing over everything from clothing choices to where you part your hair in the past couple of years.

However, a new debate has stirred on TikTok over an item of clothing most of us wouldn’t think twice about when getting dressed in the morning.

When it comes to our choice in socks, you wouldn’t think there’s an objectively wrong decision to make. Perhaps you prefer shorter ankle socks with your trainers or maybe you’ll reach for a pair of wooly ones in the winter months, seemingly inoffensive right?


According to TikTok, wearing a pair of ankle socks is a sure sign that you’re in the millennial age bracket.

In a seven-second clip, French TikToker Lili Debois posted a video of herself in the gym sporting a pair of ankle socks alongside the caption: “Apparently only millennials wear ankle socks?”


While there’s debate around the exact cut off point between Millennials and their younger Gen Z cousins (most sites agree that the cut off for a Millennial is between 1994 and 1996) it seems that the divide can now be measured in socks. Millennials wear ankle socks and Gen Z opt for a longer crew sock, which usually sits around the wearers’ mid-calf.

Debois wasn’t the only TikToker to weigh in on the debate either, with New York based user @yumihinnenkamp sharing a clip of herself making the switch from ankle to crew socks.

Ankle socks. Getty images

“Retiring the ankle socks to keep up with Gen Z,” she wrote, adding that she would ‘miss’ wearing the shorter socks in the caption.

The confession clearly touched a nerve with some viewers, with one person declaring their unwavering allegiance to the so-called Millennial fashion trends.

“Team ankle socks, side parts and dancing with my hands over my head,” they wrote, as another added: “Ankle socks forever i’m sorry.”

“Wait ankle socks are no longer in fashion??? What happened?” a third added.

However, it seems like there’s a reason for Millennials’ dislike for longer socks, with another viewer revealing you’d get ‘bullied’ for wearing crew socks when they were at school.

Ankle socks. Getty Images.

“As millennials we were bullied if we had socks that went above our ankles so it’s ingrained in us,” they wrote, as another person added: “I still remember when we used to make fun of people wearing high socks… How the turn tables.”

Thankfully, not everyone is too concerned about their choice in socks, with others declaring that they simply wear ‘whatever two socks come out of the drawer.’

Written By: Brenna Cooper.

This article was originally published on LADBible.