6 cards with question marks on them in a spot light

16 Cunning Riddles That Could Even Make Einstein Scratch His Head

Getting riddles correct can be quite a satisfying prospect for some. After all, you don’t need to read books to solve a puzzle. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and your skills in observation. Think outside the box- that’s what we always say. If you try to limit yourself with the options that you have, you might end up on the wrong side. Also, you may need some patience- and the answer will come to you.

Today, we have 16 different puzzles for you. While we expect you to solve all of them, what matters is that you have fun doing it. 


Do You Think You Can Solve The Riddles?

1. I belong to December, but not in any other month. Also, I am not a holiday- so what do you think I am?


2. You move at Red but stop at Green. What am I?


3. I am useful from head to toe. Also, the more I work, the smaller I get. What am I?


4. You will be able to hold me in your right hand. But your left hand won’t be able to do that. What am I?


5. While I don’t talk, I do reply when someone speaks to me. What am I?


6. I sound like a parrot and I am colored orange. What should I be?


7. Name 4 days of the week that begin with a T.


8. I can be a fruit, a bird, or a person. In fact, I am all of them. What am I?


9. Frank was born in 1933 and lived till 1946- when he died at the age of 50. How do you think that is possible?


10. 00=2; 1752= 0; 2061= 2; 4341= 0; 4096= 3;     1985= ?

11. This is something no one wants, but no one wants to lose any of it. What is it?

12. Explain this to me- a pocket has something in it, even though it has nothing in it. 

13. While this belongs to you, others use it more. What is it?

14. I can go up and down- but I never move. What am I?

15. I usually taste better than I smell. What am I?


1+4= 5

     2+5= 12

      3+6= 21


Solutions To The Riddles-

Are you ready with your answers? Here they are:

1. The letter ‘D’
2. Watermelon
3. A bar of soap
4. Your left hand
5. An echo
6. A carrot
7. Today, Tomorrow, Tuesday, Thursday
8. A kiwi
9. He was born in room #1933
10. 3- there are three circles in 1985
11. A job
12. It has a hole in it
13. Your name
14. Stairs
15. Tongue
16. 126. The series: 1 + 1 x 4 = 5; 2 + 2 x 5 = 12, and so on.

So how many did you successfully manage to solve? We would love to hear from you in the comments! Also, be sure to share it with your friends and family if you had fun!

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