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Companies with more female executives make more money, Bank of America says

Bank of America Merrill Lynch has a solution for any company looking to boost the bottom line: Appoint more women to executive positions. Over the past seven years, S&P 500 companies where at least 25% of executives were female generated higher one-year returns on equity than the overall index, on a median basis, according to data compiled by […]

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A Tiny British Island Will Make Anyone The King Or Queen, But There’s A Catch

Welcome to Piel Island, a small British gem where an extraordinary opportunity awaits! Discover how this tiny island will make anyone a king or queen, but there’s an intriguing catch you won’t want to miss. Royal Aspirations When it comes to dreams and aspirations, there’s something undeniably captivating about being the king. From ancient tales […]

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Turn Your Overcooked Steak Into Something Better

Steak ain’t cheap. For me, it’s a splurge purchase, even when I buy the budget cuts. These high-end proteins are a treat, which is why you’re struck with a special kind of anguish when you overcook the stuff. Once steak gets to the rubbery stage, chewing it becomes a chore, and much of that sought […]

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25+ Genius Ideas We Can’t Believe Are Still Not Implemented Everywhere

While some smart people are trying to take people to Mars or transfer their minds into machines, others are developing genius ideas that focus on our earthly everyday lives. But it doesn’t mean they’re less worthy! Bored Panda has compiled a list of smart inventions and designs you didn’t know you needed, and they’re as awesome as […]

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This Is The Ultimate Road Trip Across The United States

Do you like road trips? They happen to be a very American tradition and we found the perfect itinerary to visit every state in the continental USA during 1 epic road trip. A great trip idea for those who have a lot of time but want to stay closer to home. Personally, I love roadtrips and […]

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Grapefruit Is One of the Weirdest Fruits on the Planet

IN 1989, DAVID BAILEY, A researcher in the field of clinical pharmacology (the study of how drugs affect humans), accidentally stumbled on perhaps the biggest discovery of his career, in his lab in London, Ontario. Follow-up testing confirmed his findings, and today there is not really any doubt that he was correct. “The hard part about […]

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Science says Freddie Mercury is the best singer of all time

Freddie Mercury was the greatest singer of all time. That’s what the study called “Freddie Mercury – acoustic analysis of the fundamental frequency of speech, vibrato and sub-harmonics”. It was made by Austrian, Czech and Swedish researchers. In partnership with the University of Czech Republic, Palacký Olomouc. To study the voice of the rockstar 25 years […]

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Woman attacked by jaguar after climbing over fence to take selfie

A jaguar swiped at a woman who jumped over the enclosure to get a selfie A woman was attacked by a jaguar in an Arizona zoo after climbing over the enclosure to try and get a selfie. While it should be common knowledge to not approach wild animals, even those in captivity, some people just don’t […]