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These 5 Questions Appeared In A 1950s IQ Test. Can You Answer At Least 1 Correctly?

IQ Tests have been around for many years, are you able to answer any of the questions in this 1950s IQ test correctly?


IQ tests have a rather dark history. Paul Broca (1824-1880) and Sir Francis Galton (1822-1911) were both scientists and were the first to measure a person’s intelligence. By measuring a person’s skull, they thought they could figure out how smart someone was. According to them, a larger skull indicated more intelligence.


It was more or less around the same time when another, scientist Wilhelm Wundt (1932-1920), measured how smart someone was by using introspection. This is the human ability to reflect on their own thoughts.


Today, all these scientist’s methods of measuring intelligence are outdated and no longer used. While they are no longer used in a typical IQ test, they still were the backbone of the modern version and play a big role in the development thereof.[1]


Can you answer any of the questions in this 1950s IQ test?

We found this seemingly simple 1950s IQ test online. Are you able to answer any of the seemingly simple questions?


Don’t worry; all these 1950s IQ test questions come with multiple choice answers; write your choice down and compare to the answers at the end of the article![2]


The IQ test Questions

Question one

This is a math problem. Can you figure it out?


8 + 8 ÷ 8 + 8 x 8 – 8 = ?


Choose your answer:


64 | 65 | 72 | 80

1950s IQ test gif 1

Question two

Hopefully you paid attention in history class!

What does the roman numeral C represent?

Choose your answer:

100 | 500 |50 | 1000

Question three

Even non-Christians should know this one!

What are the first three words of the bible?

Choose your answer:

The Lord spoke | These are the |In the beginning | Solomon son of |

Question four

Another math question, this one’s a little more tricky!

When you add the square root of 81 to 12 squared, what do you get?

Choose your answer:

153 | 147 | 181 | 112

Question five

Another History question, do you know what the answer is?

Where was Christopher Columbus born?

Choose your answer:

Italy | Spain | Mexico | China

1950s IQ test Columbus gif

So, what did you think of the questions from the 1950s IQ test? Do you think you got all the answers correct?

If you’re ready to find out how you compare to the rest of the world on this IQ test, keep scrolling!

Answers to the IQ test

Question one Answer


Question two Answer


Question three Answer

In the beginning

Question four Answer


Question five Answer


So, how did you do with the 1950s IQ test questions? How many did you get right? Let us know in the comments!

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